Exercise 5. 2 Portland After School Program Basic Ledger

 Essay regarding Exercise some. 2 Portland After College Program Basic Ledger

Completed Exercise 4. you

TABLE 4. 9 Diary of the Portland After University Program

This summer 1, 20XX–December 31, 20XX

(a) September 1, 20XX— Received unhindered donation examine in the quantity of $15, 000 in the Multnomah County Department of Health and Individual Services.

Debited Cash$15, 500

Credited Revenue$15, 000

(b) July nineteen, 20XX—Paid Wonderful Northwest Insurance carrier $9, 1000 for 6 more months of fire and liability insurance coverage.

Debited prepaid insurance$9, 1000

Credited Cash$9, 000

(c) July 15, 20XX—Paid Portland Arts & Crafts Firm $3, 500 for additional artistry and crafts supplies.

Debited Arts & Crafts Supplies$3, 000

Credited Cash$3, 000

(d) September 15, 20XX—Transferred temporarily limited funds in the amount of $3, 1000 from purchases to pay for additional arts and crafts materials.

Debited Cash$3, 000

A certain amount investment$3, 000

(e) Come july 1st 30, 20XX—Paid Oregon Sports $5, 500 for additional leisure equipment.

Debited Expenses$5, 1000

Credited Cash$5, 000

(f) December 23, 20XX—Received service fees from father and mother in the volume of $40, 000.

Debited Cash$40, 500

Credited Revenue$40, 000

(g) December 23, 20XX—To account for $1, 750 in costs from parents earned in the first 6 months of functions, but collected in the second six months

Debited Accounts Receivable$1, 750

Awarded Revenue$1, 750

(h) 12 , 31, 20XX—To account for $3, 000 in parent charges earned in the second six months of functions, but not however collected.

Debited Accounts Receivable$3, 000

Acknowledged Revenue$3, 500

(i) 12 , 31, 20XX—To account for expenditures (John's Deli) in the quantity of $1, 500 received during the first six months of operations, although paid inside the second 6 months.

Debited Expense$1, 500

Credited Accounts Payable$1, 500

(j) December thirty-one, 20XX—Paid Portland Gas & Electric Company $7, 500 for utilities.

Debited Expense...

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