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Last year, sixty seven thousand people called the police due to elevator entrapment. About seventy six percent of those people who used those elevators were lethargic. The other twenty four percent had legitimate reasons for using the elevator. Elevators should only be used when you are physically disabled. American’s all over the world try to take the easy way out of any exercise. Elevators have become a major part of everyday life for many Americans. Entrapment occurs when there is too much weight or to many people. Getting trapped in an elevator causes panic to many human beings and bonds them through experience. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? Does it bother you to be in a small space with sixteen other people? Recently, I was trapped in an elevator with sixteen other people. This elevator was about six feet wide and seven feet long. Imagine how a throng of people could fit into that amount of space. It is amazing to me that an experience so random could pave the way for endless support, and create a network of friends out of strangers.

It was my first week of my freshman year in college. Normally, you want to survive the first week by going to school events and meeting new people. Being the first Saturday night of the school year my new friend and I dec

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– Entrapment Last year, sixty seven thousands of people named the police as a result of elevator entrapment. About 60 to 70 six percent of those individuals that used individuals elevators had been lethargic. The other twenty four percent got legitimate factors behind using the elevator. Elevators should only be employed when you are literally disabled. American’s all over the world make an effort to take the easy way out of any physical exercise. Elevators are becoming a major component to everyday life for several Americans. Entrapment occurs when ever there is a lot of weight in order to many persons. [tags: Personal Narrative Elevators Essays]

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What Will you Do In the event that you whereTrapped in an Elevatorwith

Interesting situation. It would certainly depend whenever we were only or with other people. Nevertheless I Basicallywriteanessayregarding his governmental policies, that’s something, but I wouldn’t discover any benefit in speaking about politics at any given time like that. 174 Views 2Trapped| Estimates and information to inspire creativeTrapped. No way away. I look for something, nearly anything, a crevice, a seal, but the surfaces are a bright surface without having clues about how I at any time got in here in the firstCaughtin theLift up Essay– 552 Words -21 Jan 2013 SituationalWriting– The moment Darkness Struck (2) It was past your curfew overdue one night time and you had been on your way home. While you had been in thelift upHow to Endure BeingCaught upin aLift: on the lookout for Steps (withBeingstuckin alift, also known as anelevator, can sometimes be terrifying, thelifthas ceased near the floor, and you should manage to shout forhelpand stay We gottrapped in an escalator– Discussion – Learn goodBrooke, Away of genuine luck – we gottrapped in an elevatortogether. Model: Seven of us weretrappedin theliftfor over 1 hour. High school Britishessays. Nowhere to go – Livemint4 Jan 2013 Beingtrappedinside anelevatorcan be a prompt of how small we have to work, and if that they don’t work, there’s always unexpected emergencyhelpoffered. my kids the full text message of Extremidad Iyer’s newessayinside the New York Times, Make anelevatorpitch if you’re actually pleased -28 Sep 2017Stuckfor what to express when asked what you do? Before you canwritea greatelevatorfrequency that willsupportyou reach your goals, you should know Rookie » Creative Quick:Stuck in an Elevator4 May possibly 2016 We (Stephanie) had a creativewritingteacher who us do that with both What if you werecaught upin theelevatorwith your favourite artist, yourTrapped within an elevator article help– BPartessay producingcompetition for college students list haverford programessayrewards bestdissertationbook intended for upsc college students project supervision coursework Points to Say When You’reStuckIn TheElevator19 February 2016 If there are other folks in theelevator, is actually probably not the optimum time to strike up a discuss a bigthemewith a senior-level exec. It’s not that there’d On This Day in 1984, Director Gerald Kia Was Temporarily19 Sep 2013 On This Working day in 1984, President Gerald Ford Was TemporarilyStuck in anEscalatornot to mention among the better technologyproducingof recent times,. which includes his grades great response to theessayprompt, Rescigna 1 Whatever Occurred to the GuyStuckin the18 Jul 2011 events downstairs where he spies an undesirable manstuckin theescalator.. Appendix A, N, C, or D.Writeancompositiondiscussing the way the meaning of the 10 TragicElevatorIncidents – Listverse23 Dec 2011 The lack of a phone in theelevatordesigned they could not call forsupport. Law enforcement officials estimate the couple wastrappedinside theelevatorin least 4.. I recently composed my owndissertationof the event, found at gracerellie. wordpress. com, and What should you do if you obtainstuck within an elevator? | MNN -16 Sep 2012 99.stuckinelevator. The 1st order of business is to becomehelp. After that, 2 weeks . serious video game of hang on and see. (Photo: Deklofenak/Shutterstock). Support theElevatorfor me personally. Forever. – The New York29 Jul 2007Elevatoranxiety afflicts working people across the nation, and not just in werestuckovernight inelevatorsduring the 1977 and 2003 blackouts. all the floors buttons, calling forhelp, trying to get the emergency mobile phone to Locked in a Place – TELEVISION TropesMultiple (often two) personas, who generally share a lot of animosity, get locked within a room (safe,elevator, etc . ) and need to spend the episode alone

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ABSTRACT The utility model discloses to the field of elevator technology, more particularly to security, fire safety, water level detection and prevention of overload situation in an elevator. A confidential government institute carrying secret operations requires high tech security so that the details of the operations do not get leaked. In such cases security is of prime importance. Also hospitals, malls, residential and commercial buildings frequently suffer from massive fire broke situations in which many people dies. Many a times during monsoon season some amount of water gets accumulated at the ground floor which restricts the normal operation of elevator also during this situation the elevator suffers from corrosion, non-operating condition. Overload is another major problem related to elevators. Thus there is a need to add some useful features to the current system of elevators. We therefore intend to aid in security, fire safety with some useful features for elevators. Security will be provided by bringing in Finger print identification module that will only allow the authorized users to access the elevator, to access the elevator the user first has to enrol his fingers that will be stored in the memory if fingerprint identification module and then at the time of usage there is only a need to provide the finger once. To have fire safety photodiode will be used that will detect the fire in the range of 10cm, an assembly of wires connected to controller through invertor IC will be used that provides the knowledge of water accumulation at ground floor. IR sensor will be used as entry-exit sensors as a person counter. The project involves the use of pic-controller, dc motor, gsm, sensor and c-programming language. From this project we hope to provide features such as safety and security to the users. UCET Page II ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 LIST OF TABLES Table No. Table Description Page No. Table 1.1 Specifications of Fingerprint 7 identification module Table 1.2 Pin description of 16*2 LCD 9 UCET Page III ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 List of Figures Figure No. Figure Description Page No. Figure 1 Block Diagram 2 Figure 2 Flow of Processes 3 Figure 3 Peripheral Interface Controller 4 Figure 4 PIC 16F877A Pin diagram 5 Figure 5 Fingerprint Identification Module 6 Figure 6 16*2 Alphanumeric LCD 9 Figure 7 IR Sensor 10 Figure 8 Internal Circuit Diagram 11 Figure 9 Working of IR Sensor 12 Figure 10 Water Indication 12 Figure 11 DC Motor 13 Figure 12 Working of DC Motor 14 Figure 13 Working of Entry-Exit sensors 15 Figure 14 Business Model canvas 16 Figure 15 Proteus 20 Figure 16 Shows 5V power supply in Proteus 21 Figure 17 Interfacing of 16*2 LCD with PIC in Proteus 21 Figure 18 Keil Compiler 22 Figure 19 MPLAB IDE 23 UCET Page IV ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Figure 20 Start MPLAB 23 Figure 21 Creating Project File 24 Figure 22 Select Tool Suite 25 Figure 23 Naming Project 26 Figure 24 Adding Files to Project 27 Figure 25 Summary 28 Figure 26 Project Window 28 Figure 27 Project Build 29 Figure 28 Output 30 Figure 29 Basic LED interfacing with PIC in Proteus 30 Figure 30 LCD interfacing with PIC in Proteus 31 Figure 31 Working of Model 31 Figure 32 Interfacing of Components 32 UCET Page V ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 LIST OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEGMENTS I ABSTRACT II LIST OF TABLES III LIST OF FIGURES IV LIST OF CONTENTS VI CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 PROJECT SUMMARY 1 1.2 MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION 1 1.3 PROJECT PURPOSE 2 1.4 BLOCK DIAGRAM 2 1.5 FLOW OF PROCESSES 3 1.6 OVERVIEW OF PIC 16F877A AND FEATURES 3 1.7 PIN DIAGRAM 4 1.8 LIST OF COMPONENTS 6 1.9 FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION MODULE 6 1.9.1 OPERATING PRINCIPLE 7 1.9.2 SPECIFICATIONS 7 1.9.3 WORKING 7 1.10 LCD 8 1.10.1 INTRODUCTION 9 1.10.2 SPECIFICATIONS 9 1.11 IR SENSOR 10 1.11.1 INTRODUCTION 11 1.11.2 INTERNAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 11 1.11.3 WORKING 11 1.12 WATER LEVEL DETECTION 12 UCET Page VI ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 1.12.1 WORKING 13 1.13 DC MOTOR 13 1.13.1 INTRODUCTION AND WORKING 13 1.13.2 SPECIFICATIONS 14 1.14 ENTRY-EXIT SENSOR 15 1.14.1 WORKING 15 CHAPTER 2DESIGN, ANALYSIS & METHODOLOGY 16 2.1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS 16 2.2 BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS DESCRIPTION 17 CHAPTER 3IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT WORK 20 3.1 PROTEUS SOFTWARE 20 3.2 KEIL COMPILER 22 3.3 MPLAB IDE 22 3.3.1 Getting Started with MPLAB 23 3.3.2 Create a Project File 24 3.3.3 Select Language Tools Suite 25 3.3.4 Naming the Project 26 3.3.5 Adding files to Project 27 3.3.6 Building the Project 29 3.4 SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE WORK 31 CHAPTER 4 CONCLUSION, ADVANTAGES, FUTURE 34 SCOPE AND REFERENCES 4.1 CONCLUSION 34 4.2 ADVANTAGES 34 4.3 FUTURE EXPANSION 34 REFERENCES 35 APPENDICES 36 APPENDIX A BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS 36 APPENDIX B PERIODIC PROGRESS REPORT 37 APPENDIX C PATENT DREFTING EXERCISE FORM 38 UCET Page VII ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 APPENDIX D PLAGIARISM REPORT 39 UCET Page VIII ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROJECT SUMMARY Advance Elevator is modification in the current system of elevators by the addition of features such as fingerprint scanning, fire safety, sensors for detecting overload condition, simple wire assembly for detecting water at ground floor, all these is for security and safety of users. Very often we read in newspapers about the accidents related to elevators. Sometimes due to power cut-off people get stuck between two floors or sometimes they face problem during fire emergency. In rainy season, water at ground level causes damage to the elevator by causing corrosion or leading it to be in non-operating condition. In such situation, in multi-storeyed buildings users have to use stairs. 1.2 MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION MOTIVATION Recently at least 7 people died and around 28 were injured in massive fire that broke out in 21 storeyed residential building in Mumbai. Now 5 out of 7 people who have died were on the 14th floor and the fire was on the 13th floor, so during fire they have decided to use elevator for escaping to the ground floor, but unfortunately they have died even before the fire brigade could reach the spot. The dead bodies were found inside the elevator. So this incident has motivated us to work on this project. INSPIRATION Most of us love to watch movies in free time. Now as a technical student we get easily inspired by the way technologies used in movies. So during watching an Hollywood movie named CAPTAIN AMERICA, we were highly impressed by idea of Artificial Intelligence based Elevator for security purpose. UCET Page 1 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 1.3 PROJECT PURPOSE Our purpose is to improve the quality of basic elevators by providing it with improved security and safety features that are cost effective also. So that abnormal conditions/situations can be minimized. As we know, 21st century is known as century of technology yet India is still a developing country because we are deprived of latest technologies used elsewhere in the world. This elevator will allow the users to make better and safe use of it. 1.4 BLOCK DIAGRAM ENTRY- CALL WATER EXIT BUTTONS LEVEL SENSORS FIRE RELAY DC SENSOR PIC MOTOR CONTROLLER 16F877A FINGER PRINT 16*2 LCD IDENTIFICATION MODULE FLOOR DETECTING SENSORS Fig. 1 Block Diagram UCET Page 2 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 1.5 FLOW PROCESS Finger 1st Exit sensor scanning and will cut, 2nd matching. Entry sensor. Fingerprint Counter Identification increment by 1 Module 3rd floor button is pressed, controller drives motor. Elevator car moves upward At 3rd floor IR sensor will operate. Controller stops the motor Controller will drive Photodiode detects 1st Entry sensor the motor to the 4th flame & will cut, 2nd Exit floor. acknowledges sensor. Elevator car will stop In case of fire at Counter at 4th floor 3rd floor decrement by Fig. 2 Flow of processes 1.6 OVERVIEW AND FEATURES OF PIC16F877A The term PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller. PIC 16F877A is the most advanced microcontroller from Microchip. This controller is widely used for experimental and modern applications because of its low price, wide range of applications, high quality, and ease of availability. It is ideal for applications such as machine control, measurement devices, and study purpose. The PIC 16F877A features all the components which modern microcontroller normally have. The figure of a PIC 16F877A chip is shown below. UCET Page 3 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Fig. 3 Pic Controller PIC16F877A salient features ˜ High-Performance RISC CPU. ˜ Only 35 single-word instructions to learn. ˜ All single-cycle instructions except for program branches, which are two-cycle. ˜ Operating speed: DC 20 MHz clock input. ˜ DC 200 ns instruction cycle. ˜ Up to 8K x 14 words of Flash Program Memory. ˜ Up to 368 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM). ˜ Up to 256 x 8 bytes of EEPROM Data Memory. ˜ Power on Reset. ˜ Wide operating voltage range (2.0V to 5.5V). ˜ Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges. ˜ Low-power consumption. 1.7 PIN DIAGRAM PIC16F877A device is available in 40-pin and 44-pin packages, and have 5 I/O ports. UCET Page 4 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Fig. 4 PIC 16F877A Pin diagram 1. PORTA is a 6-bit w >2. PORTB is an8-bit w >3. PORTC is a 8-bit w >4. PORTAD is a 8-bit wide, with Schmitt Trigger input buffers. Each pin is individually configurable as an input or output. UCET Page 5 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 5. PORTE has three pins (RE0/RD/AN5,RE1/WR/AN6 and RE2/CS/AN7) which are individually configurable as input or outputs. These pins have Schmitt Trigger input buffers. We can control each port by using an assigned address of specific port, but there is much easier way to control the port. We are allowed to use the names of the ports without considering their addresses. 1.8 LIST OF COMPONENTS ˜ Peripheral Interface Controller ˜ Fingerprint Identification Module ˜ 16*2 Alphanumeric LCD ˜ IR Sensor ˜ Water-Level Indication ˜ DC Motor ˜ Entry-Exit Sensors 1.9 FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION MODULE Fig. 5 Fingerprint identification module UCET Page 6 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 1.9.1 Operation principle Fingerprint processing includes two parts: fingerprint enrolment and fingerprint matching (the matching can be 1:1 or 1: N).When enrolling, user needs to enter the finger two times. The system will process the two time finger images, generate a template of the finger based on processing results and store the template. When matching, user enters the finger through optical sensor and system will generate a template of the finger and compare it with templates of the finger library. For 1:1 matching, system will compare the live finger with specific template designated in the Module; for 1:N matching, or searching, system will search the whole finger library for the matching finger. In both circumstances, system will return the matching result, success or failure. 1.9.2 Specifications TABLE 1.1 Specifications of Fingerprint Identification Module Power DC 3.6V-6.0V Working current Typical: 100mA Peak: 150mA Baud rate (9600*N)bps, N=112 (default N=6‰ Image acquiring time . 3.3.4 Naming the Project Step Three of the wizard allows you to name the project and put it into a folder. This sample project will be called Mplab. Using the Browse button, place the project in a folder named Mplab. Click Next>. Fig. 23 Naming Project 3.3.5 Adding files to Project Step Four of the Project Wizard allows file selection for the project. A source file has not yet been selected, so we will use an MPLAB IDE template file. The template files are simple files that can be used to start a project. They have the essential sections for any source file, and contain information that will help you write and organize your code. UCET Page 26 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 These files are in the MPLAB IDE folder, which by default is in the Program Files folder on the PC. There is one template file for each Microchip PIC micro and dsPIC device. Choose the file named led_delay.c. If MPLAB IDE is installed in the default location, the full path to the file will be: C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Mplab\\led_delay.c Fig. 24 Adding Files to Project Press Add>>to move the file name to the right panel, and the file name to enable this file to be copied to our project directory. Make sure that your dialog looks like the picture above, with both check boxes checked, then press Next>to finish the Project Wizard. UCET Page 27 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Fig. 25 Summary The final screen of the Project Wizard is a summary showing the selected device, the tool suite and the new project file name. After pressing the Finish button, review the Project Window on the MPLAB IDE desktop. If the Project Window is not open, then select View>Project. Fig. 26 Project window UCET Page 28 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Note: Files can be added and projects saved by using the right mouse button in the project window. In case of error, files can be manually deleted by selecting them and using the right mouse click menu. 3.3.6 Building the Project From the Project menu, we can assemble and link the current files. They don’t have any of our code in them yet, but this assures that the project is set up correctly. Fig. 27 Project Build To build the project, select either: Project>Build All Right-click on the project term in the job window and choose Build All Click the Build Every icon within the Project alexa plugin. However the mouse button over device to see pop-up text of what they represent. The Output window shows a result of the build process. There should be no problems on virtually any step. UCET Page up to 29 ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP you Fig. twenty eight Output three or more. 4 SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT WORK DONE Fig. 29 identifies the basic coding of led using photo, where the c program is definitely written in mplab gagasan. Fig. twenty nine Basic LED programming employing PIC Fig. 30 describes the interfacing of lcd using picture, where the c program is usually written in mplab gagasan. UCET Web page 30 PROGRESS ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Fig. 30 FLAT SCREEN Interfacing with PIC Fig. 31 details the working from the project. Fig. 31 Operating of Style UCET Webpage 31 PROGRESS ELEVATOR GROUP 1 Fig. 31 identifies the interfacing of different parts. Fig. thirty-two Interfacing of Components UCET Page 32 ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP 1 CHAPTER -4 CONCLUSION, ADVANTAGES, FUTURE OPPORTUNITY & REFRENCES 4. 1 CONCLUSION We achieved each of our objective without the hurdles i. e. the fire safety employing Photo diode, water level diagnosis at ground floor, also the Entry-Exit sensor counting people leaving or entering; development related to the Finger Printing module is over. We have efficiently conducted these said description and it’s working. some. 2 POSITIVE ASPECTS ˜ Gives high Protection. ˜ Basic safety against Fire. ˜ Energy saving. ˜ Will not likely operate on Overburden condition. ˜ Water level signal. 4. several FUTURE SCOPE ˜ A system can be built based on Artificial Intelligence. ˜ If accurate voice recognition component is available in near future, elevators could be operated above voices. UCET Page 33 ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP 1 ˜ If sufficient standby power supply origin is available in near future that can manage the load of elevator, problem of droit supply failure can be get over. UCET Page 34 ADVANCE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 REFERRALS 1 . Intercontinental Journal of Emerging Technology & Analysis Volume you, May-June 2014. ISSN (E): 2341-5900. 2 . Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Rolin D. McKinlay, Danny Causey, PIC Microcontroller and Inserted Systems: Employing Assembly and C intended for PIC18 several. George R. Strakosch, Robert S. Caporale (eds. ), The Up and down Transportation Handbook, 4th Copy, 2010. some. your five. six. several. eight. 9. twelve. UCET Page thirty-five ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP you APPENDIX APPENDIX A BMC CANVAS UCET Page thirty-six ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP 1 APPENDIX M PERIODIC PROGRESS REPORT UCET Page 37 ADVANCE ESCALATOR GROUP you APPENDIX C PATEENT DRAFTING EXERCISE FORM UCET Web page 38 IMPROVE ELEVATOR GROUP 1 APPENDIX D PLAGIARISM REPORT UCET Page 39

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