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What father and mother need to know

Parents need to know that this film is definitely violent. The opening moments show a feeling police rezzou, involving much shooting and death. The closing displays are of greater violence, big explosions and more loss of life. In between there is certainly intermittent physical violence and loss of life. Despite this, the film isn’t unusually violent for this kind of movie, plus the deaths usually are gory. A few younger children might be upset by sense police’s arrest and abduction of Preston’s partner in front of her young family.

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1984 abcs, with a healthy and balanced dollop of MATRIX-style effects and a fiery dash of FARENHEIT 451. Inside the aftermath of WWIII, experienced leader Father (Sean Pertwee) decreed the key to mankind’s survival lies in suppressing male’s volatile characteristics. The residents of Libria, the new country that flower from the ashes of the older, must have daily amounts of Prozium, a medication that dulls the feelings and calms the article topics that lead to trend, fear, jealousy and hate. Loss of the cabability to be transferred by music and art, appreciate the splendor of characteristics or feel love is the price that must be paid. Sense criminals who refuse Prozium are sought after down by simply grammatron clerics, elite law enforcement real estate agents trained by childhood since emotionless getting rid of machines. Leading cleric Steve Preston (Christian Bale) may anticipate an expression crime nearly before it can committed; this individual stood simply by as his wife (Maria Pia Calzone) was performed, and murdered his own partner (Sean Bean) pertaining to reading an e book of poetry. Then circumstances conspire to rob Preston of one day’s Prozium dose, and his slumbering senses blend. Curious, this individual deliberately skips another dose and begins to realize the horror of life without feeling. Preston recoils inwardly when he great new spouse (Taye Diggs) arrest impression criminal Martha O’Brien (Emily Watson), and a new project to infiltrate the underground rebels who are at odds of Libria’s tradition of conformity, given to him by none other than Dad’s right-hand man (Angus MacFadyen) makes a choice among duty and the fledgling recognition that that life devoid of pleasure or pain is usually mere lifestyle. Credit to writer and first-time representative Kurt Wimmer for attempting to make a science-fiction movie that is exploring serious ideas and aims to serve as a wake-up contact to those willing to surrender their particular freedoms intended for the guarantee of totalitarian safety. This even might make you think, should you have never examine any of the titans of dystopian literature: George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, Aldous Huxley et al. The film’s look can be perfectly focused on its styles, from the dim cinematography towards the monumental CGI set design (Albert Spier would have been proud) and identity-erasing costumes in sorrowful shades of grey (the different, of course , is the clerics’ halloween costume fascists always have the best uniforms). But flashy, MATRIX-style action sequences trump tips; it’s hard not to feel you’ve only watched a feature-length video game with some seriously heavy again story.

Firearm kata

Angus Macfadyen’s character, Vice-Counsel DuPont, explains the fictional fighting stylefirearm katain the film:

Through analysis of thousands of registered gunfights, the Cleric provides determined that the geometric syndication of enemies in any gun battle is a statistically-predictable aspect. The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, every fluid situation representing a maximum destroy zone, inflicting maximum destruction on the maximum number of oppositions, while keeping the defender clear of the statistically-traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, the firing productivity will go up by at least 120 percent. The difference of the 63 percent increased deadly proficiency the actual master of the gun katas an attacker not to be used lightly.

Kata (is a Japanese word for standard forms of movements and postures in karate, jujutsu, aik > and the martial arts style of the fight choreographer Jim Vickers, with elements of the Chinese Wing Chun martial art style.


  • Christian Bale as John Preston
  • Emily Watson as Mary O’Brien
  • Taye Diggs as Andrew Brandt
  • Angus Macfadyen as Vice-Counsel DuPont
  • Sean Bean as Errol Partr >[VP 1]
  • Maria Pia Calzone while Preston’s wife [VP 1]
  • Dominic Purcell while Seamus
  • Brian Conley as Browsing room movie director
  • Kurt Wimmer (cameo) as Rebel victim
  1. ^abViviana Preston: Alexa Summer and Maria Pia Calzone portrayed the same personality in the film, but are available in the credits separately while Viviana Preston and Preston’s wife respectively.


Libria, a totalitarian city-state, was established by the survivors of World War III, where all emotions and emotionally stimulating objects blamed for causing the war have been forbidden. Those in violation are labelled Sense Offenders and are put to death. The population suppresses emotion with a daily injection of Prozium II. Libria is governed by the Tetragrammaton Council, led by Father, who communicates propaganda through giant video screens throughout the city. At the pinnacle of Librian law enforcement are the Grammaton Clerics, trained in the martial art of gun kata. Clerics frequently raid properties in the city and the Nether regions outside the city to search for and destroy illegal materials (art, literature and music) and execute the people hiding them. A resistance movement, known as the Underground, emerges to topple Father and the Tetragrammaton Council.

In 2072, John Preston was a high-ranking Cleric whose wife, Viviana, was executed as a Sense Offender, leaving him a single parent of his daughter and son. Following a raid, Preston notices his partner, Errol Partridge, saves a book of poems by W. B. Yeats instead of turning it in for incineration. After tracing Partridge to the Nether and finding him reading the book, Partridge explains that he gladly pays the heavy price of feeling emotions; Preston executes him as he slowly reaches for his gun.

Preston accidentally breaks his daily vial of Prozium but is unable to replace it before going on the next raid. He begins to experience brief episodes of emotion that evoke memories, stir feelings and make him more aware of his surroundings; he intentionally skips more doses of Prozium and hides them behind the mirror in his bathroom.

Partridge is replaced with career-conscious Brandt, who expresses admiration for Preston’s uncompromising work as a cleric. On a raid, they arrest Sense Offender Mary O’Brien. To Brandt’s surprise, Preston prevents him from executing O’Brien, saying she should be kept alive for interrogation. Brandt grows suspicious of Preston’s hesitation. As Preston feels remorse for having killed Partridge, he develops an emotional relationship with O’Brien and uncovers clues that lead to meeting Jurgen, the leader of the Underground resistance. Jurgen is planning to disrupt Prozium production to spark a populace uprising and convinces Preston that Father must be assassinated.

Vice-Counsel DuPont meets with Preston to reveal that there is a traitor in the upper ranks of the Clerics. Although DuPont appears to know it is Preston, he assigns him the task of uncovering and stopping the traitor. Relieved, Preston accepts and renews a promise to locate the Underground’s leadership. O’Brien is set to be executed and Jurgen advises against interfering, as it could sabotage plans for the revolution. Unable to bear her death, Preston tries and fails to stop it. As he has an emotional breakdown in the streets, Brandt arrests him and brings him before DuPont. Preston tricks DuPont into believing that Brandt is the traitor. Following Brandt’s arrest, Preston is informed that a search of his home will take place as a formality. He rushes home to destroy the hidden vials only to find his son, who stopped taking Prozium after his mother died, already has.

Jurgen has Preston capture the leaders of the resistance to gain the government’s trust and get close enough to assassinate Father. Preston is granted an exclusive audience with Father only to discover that Brandt was not arrested; it was part of a ruse to expose Preston and the Underground. DuPont reveals that he is the real Father, having secretly replaced the original Father after his death, that he does not take Prozium and can feel emotions. He taunts Preston, asking how it felt to betray the Underground. Enraged, Preston fights his way through an army of bodyguards to DuPont’s office and kills Brandt in a katana battle. DuPont and Preston have a gun kata showdown; Preston wins and DuPont pleads for his life, asking, Is it really worth the price? Responding with Partridge’s last words, I pay it gladly, Preston kills DuPont. He destroys the command center that broadcasts Father propaganda. Preston watches with satisfaction as the revolution begins with the Underground’s destruction of Prozium manufacturing facilities.


Filming began on October 19, 2000 and ended on December 10, 2000

Most of the filming used locations in Berlin, due to its unique mixture of fascist and modern architecture. According to the visual effects supervisor Tim McGovern, who worked alongs

Equilibrium ‘s locations include:

  • Olympic Stadium (Berlin), built for the 1936 Summer Olympics.
  • Deutschlandhalle, also built for the 1936 Summer Olympics.
  • Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
  • Berlin Tempelhof Airport, construction of which was begun before the Nazi era, but which was completed during World War II and displays characteristics of the Nazis’ architectural style.
  • Bundestag (Berlin U-Bahn) station, a modern subway station near the new Reichstag building along with long tunnels of the Berlin U-Bahn underground railway. At the time the film was made, the Bundestag station was unopened, but in 2009, it went into service.
  • Decrepit East German neighborhoods, as well as an abandoned massive former GDR military base.
  • The EUR district in Rome, Italy, built during the fascist rule of Benito Mussolini.

Although making a science fiction movie, Wimmer intentionally avo

Can be the story?

Balance is set in the joyless state of Libria, a post-nuclear apocalypse, early on 21st-century culture where almost all human feelings are banned in order to stop war. Any kind of materials, such as books or artworks, that might cause visitors to feel sensations are demolished, as are individuals who engage in all their production, spread or admiration. Human instincts are kept in check throughout the mind-numbing drug Prozium. The protectors on this violent peace are the clerics. They are highly trained to detect anyone failing to adopt Prozium doasage amounts and ruin members of the underground. Ruben Preston (Christian Bale) is a leading cleric, ruthless in his tracking down and eradicating of sense scammers, even individuals closest to him. However , after a effective meeting with subway member, Jane (Emily Watson), and a missed dosage of Prozium, Preston starts to have feelings, and chooses to bring down the system from the inside, a dangerous quest indeed.

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