The Uneven Circulation of Social Capital

 The Unequal Distribution of Cultural Capital Essay

Modern China

The Bumpy Distribution of Cultural Capital: Book Studying in Metropolitan China Shaoguang Wang, Deborah Davis and Yanjie Bian Modern Chinese suppliers 2006 32: 315 DOI: 10. 1177/0097700406288178 The online variation of this article can be found:

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The Uneven Division of Cultural Capital

Book Reading in Urban China

Shaoguang Wang

The China University of Hong Kong

Contemporary China Amount 32 Number 3 This summer 2006 315-348 В© 2006 Sage Journals 10. 1177/0097700406288178 hosted at

Deborah Davis

Yale College or university

Yanjie Bian

Hong Kong University of Research and Technology

Drawing on selection interviews with 400 couples in four towns in 1998, this exploratory research focuses on variant in studying habits to integrate the concept of cultural capital into the theoretical and empirical analysis of inequality and social stratification in modern urban China and tiawan. Overall, we discover that volume and formula of cultural capital differs across interpersonal classes self-employed of education. Thus, to the extent that cultural capital in the form of varied knowledge and appreciation for sure genres or specific experts is erratically distributed across social classes, we hypothesize that the own cultural capital may be a valuable resource in defining and crystallizing school boundaries from this hybrid, fast-changing society. Keywords: cultural capital; class; inequality; Chinese materials


ultural capital, just like economic capital, is unequally but not randomly distributed across social space. Moreover, because variation in consumption of cultural products corresponds to other dimensions of social structure, the evaluation of ethnic capital is definitely integral to the study of social inequality. Since Greatest extent Weber ([1968] 1978), sociable theorists have got acknowledged that cultural and also economic assets shape a society's power Authors' Be aware: We want to thank Hui Niu on her assistance in preparing documents and Yu Lee to get his comprehensive help in every phases of data management and statistical evaluation. An earlier edition of this materials was shown at " Repositioning Hong Kong and Shanghai in Contemporary Chinese Background, ” a conference at the University or college of Hk. Financial support for both equally data collection and analysis was offered by a scholarhip from the Usa States–China Cooperative Research Software of the Henry Luce Base. 315

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Contemporary China

buildings, but just with the work of Caillou Bourdieu did researchers began to systematically turn away from approaching culture in terms of intrinsic aesthetic values toward exploring the " emblematic power” in the service of class subordination and domination. Intended for Bourdieu, ethnical choices will be vertically positioned along a continuum of high to low. Consequently, differentiation in cultural taste with respect to such seeming trivialities because preferences in clothing, leisure time pastimes, music, or examining material may signify cultural standing and look after, reinforce, or reproduce an already-existing cultural structure (Bourdieu, 1984, 1985). Not all all those who have built about Bourdieu's arguments have assumed single hierarchies of taste or decided on specific backlinks between work-related status and cultural choice, but they possess continued to generate a strong case for the integration from the...

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The Uneven Distribution of Cultural Capital

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