The situation of Ktm

 The Problem of Ktm Article

The down sides in the KTM Trains and KRT Buses in Malaysia

To: Smith Tan, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Malaysian Transportation Companies Headquarters

By: Roger Shelter, General Director, JL, Malaysian

Transportation Companies, Kampar

Day: 24 Aug 2012

Subject: Problems around the KTM Locomotives and KRT Buses in Malaysia

Conditions of Reference point

This is each of our recommendation survey on the problems that frequently encounter by passengers on the KTM Trains and KRT Buses.

Our company is suffering from declining number of passengers within the past six months seeing that February. The unit of seat tickets sold drops dramatically monthly since Feb .. Investigations had been conducted and the problems are discovered and recommended solution should be carried out to avoid the decreasing numbers of travellers in the approaching days.

The down sides are identified based on each of our observations as well as the questionnaire's comes from our devoted customers of both of the transportation cars.


In order to investigate the reason of this decreasing in amounts of users on both transportation, we have developed few inquiries that may be the main reason of weak numbers of customer on locomotives and buses. Next, the group is usually organized into 2 select few which one group consist of three members to distribute the questionnaires and questionnaires will be collect again after the individuals have completed the questionnaires.

After the questionnaires are gather back, the effect are viewed and assessed. Then the conclusions will be within term of charts and percentages.

Furthermore, our group members may also experience the companies that offered by both of the transports. To start with, one of each of our group associates will pretend as an ordinary passenger in order to observe the actions and perceptions of the ecuries and personnel on duty. We all will also review the punctuality of the transportation by corresponding the standard time and the actual time of the transfers depart and arrive at most of the locations.


After all each of our questionnaires will be collect back and we have perform observation around the behaviors and attitudes with the staffs and workers, we would like to present the reason and aspect that causes the decline in term of sales device of both equally trains and buses

To start with, the car seats inside of the educate are aged, dirty and dusty. The seats will be badly broken by the vandalism of irresponsible passengers. Through our remark, we could pointed out that some of the couch are sketched by a few irresponsible people and some from the cushions from the seats have already been torn off using sharpened equipment. A few of the windows are usually full with cracks that probably damage that trigger by accident or passengers unmoral action.

Second of all, the train-stewards and stewardess did not serve each and every individuals on the train. Only the first and second coaches which is classified because first class coaches of the train's customers will be being dished up. Although solutions are provided, we found which the services given by them are poor. The people needs are certainly not fulfilled and most of the top notch passengers likewise claimed that they can were dismissed most of the time. We all also experience that one in the workers is extremely rude to an old guy and ordinario words are scolded by workers.

Third, most of the people at the shuttle bus terminal believed that the buses are not prompt and the vehicles tends to hold off most of the time. We all also interview some of the individuals at the shuttle bus terminal, they said that the chartering delay frequently, and the period of time that buses delay will be within around 30 minutes to multiple hour. We all also interview the worker on duty and found out that some of the cause that trigger the buses to hold off are technological problem for the buses and traffic jam that happened often. Some of the people also believed that even though have directed complain notification to the headquarter of buses terminal, nevertheless no improvement or...

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