What terms and conditions paper-writing services usually have?

Before you will start cooperation with any paper-writing service, it is very important to read its main terms and conditions. Usually they include such components:

  • Vocabulary. As in every other terms and conditions, in paper writing services’ terms and conditions there will be some special words or phrases that have a special meaning here. Thereby, the vocabulary paragraph is aimed to give readers the main idea about the special terms used in a text
  • Privacy policy. In this paragraph company usually declares that it is going to protect clients’ personal information and never resell any of its components to a third party. Usually, if you are going to buy some assignment, you will need to provide your name, phone number or email address, maybe your home address and etcetera. This is needed for verification. In privacy policy paragraph company usually declares that it doesn’t use any of customers’ data for any other purpose than verification
  • Terms of usage and Nature of Product. This paragraph is usually used to describe the product offered by a company. In case of writing services here will be written about who, how and when will write an assignment for customers. Here also usually written that essay-writing platform gives no guarantees about the customer’s grade. Our Site service also gives useful tips for students on how to give the right instructions to the company to get a good result
  • Order process. In this paragraph you can find all rules and steps that you should follow to achieve the result that you need. It usually includes such steps as registration, verification, giving instructions, sources conformation, tracking order progress and the others. Be very careful when you read this paragraph, because your misunderstanding can lead to an unsatisfying result in the end
  • Downloading or delivery policy. As you can see from the name of this paragraph, here you will find information about how to get the final result – written paper. Usually services provide a private link to their customers to download the paper. However, some of them can also propose an offline delivery (such services as Our Site are useful, because they propose multiple options of delivery)
  • Verification process. This paragraph is aimed to check customer’s serious intentions. To do this, essay writing companies usually reserve the right to ask customers to provide a photo copy of their credit cards (you can cover all the numbers except last four of them), photo copy of their passports or visas (for internationals), photo copy of the official ID or driving license as well as authorization code of customers bank
  • Termination. Usually, paper-writing companies reserve the right to cancel the paid order due to the lack of cooperation from the customer’s side. This is possible only in cases where order completion is not possible. Also, if there are any suspicions that the customer is engaged in any fraudulent activity, the paid order can be also canceled unilaterally from the company’s side
  • The other paragraphs that such writing services as Our Site have in terms and conditions are revision policy, satisfaction guarantees, amendments and miscellaneous provisions.