Student Composition

 APIIT Level 2

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LAN switching and WAN systems (LSWN)

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Vidura Perera - CB004449

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Date of Submission

sixteenth January 2013


Mr. Balachandran G

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1 Acknowledgment

First of all I would like to thank Mister. Balachandran G for his continuous support and direction in this case examine. With his total guidance I was able to drive my complete study in to a great route of accomplishment. Furthermore I would really prefer to say thanks to Asia Pacific cycles Institute details Technology (APIIT) for being very useful throughout my personal case study in various ways. Primarily the selection was beneficial in order to do my referencing. We would also like to thank my parents who allowed me to with all the resources which I planned to complete this thesis, and in addition there were a few of my program students who had been around me personally and backed me morally.

2 Launch

This record is based on APIIT Lanka supplying a Nanotechnology degree within a newly acquired building which is 700m away from the current building. As said in the necessity this is to get functioned on their own and will have the ability to the departments as the existing building. In cases like this study like a network specialist should take the responsibility of suggesting the entire network, the necessary equipments, security problems, and any other operational requirements to meet the goal. To be able to complete this kind of thesis you need to reach most advanced technology approaches and security measures in just about every area.

3 Presumptions

It is assumed that sufficient amount of spending budget has been permitted to establish the required equipment and the network. Each of the devices, protocols & methods are correctly configured, up and running. CEO of APIIT Lanka has given permission to lay the network cords through or perhaps along the surfaces of the building and place the equipment where necessary according to the network diagram. In line with the floor prepare and gadgets the wiring can be done consequently. For execution and routine service sufficient amount of man power is usually provided by APIIT Lanka. Inside the floor plan the amount of proven staff job places/computers/desks/tables and so forth are not using the amounts in the building. However the areas to get the said departments happen to be confirmed.

4 Basic Overview of Network Proposal

The complete network in the building can be divided into two sections, 1 . Core Level.

2 . Division layer.

The core coating is like the heart with the network. It's the main control of the total network as all primary retractions and firewalls which helps to protect the system is definitely developed through this layer. The distribution layer does all of the distribution to the rest of the network. There are two layer 3 CISCO main-switches established inside the server place which stands up the entire network. The network is split up into two primary categories particularly student and staff. Among the two changes is responsible for the network of 5 labs, while additional switch is responsible for the floor simply by floor network connectivity towards the main server. The above said second main-switch is connected to the sub-switches ground by floors accordingly which can be functioning inside the distribution coating. Always some remaining swap ports will be left in each and every change for further development and updating of the network. Further all the switches, routers, servers, etc . are correctly configured, up and running while the wiring is done for each and every equipment.

(Gunawardana, 2012)

4. you Switches

For the whole network among the following buttons as in determine: 1 & figure: 2 are used where necessary by considering the amount of jacks, features and reliability. ACL, VLAN, VLAN manageable, SSH, LACP, RMON, PVE, and so forth are supported.

5 Floor simply by Floor Network Proposal

5. one particular Ground Floor

a few. 1 . 1 )..

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