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 sound proofing Essay


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Eduarte, Roberto

Gadon, Alrenzo

Zamora, Jordan

IV-Mere BarbeFocault

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Name of members: Eduarte, Roberto Juan

Evalle, Rae Dominique

Gadon, Alrenzo Bernard

Zamora, Jordan Francis

Title of Investigatory project: SOUNDPROOFING


Mrs. Eujane Requez

Adviser and Physics educator


Environmental noise disorders the total amount or actions in human beings or habitat. The source of all outdoor sound worldwide is mainly machinery, vehicular transportation, aeroplanes, and trains. Poor downtown planning tends to worsen noise pollution, since adjoining industrial and residential constructions can result in environmental noise in the home areas. Seeing that over publicity of environmental noise may create stress or perhaps hypertension to get the person, they will decided to get ways to produce their individual place more peaceful by looking into making their residential structures rearrangements to absorb inbound sound waves. They do this to stop certain dangers concerning health. This was known as " Soundproofing”. Soundproofing is a method of minimizing sound pressure with respect to a particular sound origin and radio. It may be approached by audio blocking or sound compression. Both have distinct purposes, possibly to reduce sound entering or perhaps reducing requirements bouncing in an exceedingly room.


a couple of


This examine aims to identify the effectiveness of particular materials in soundproofing.

Especially, it efforts to answer the following questions: 1 ) Were the materials employed effective pertaining to sound absorption or sound blocking? 2 . What causes the sound to be rebounded or reduced?

3. Do these elements effectively lead to soundproofing?


1 . To identify the goal of the material when it is for audio blocking or sound consumption. 2 . To specify the causes of sound jumping or lowering.

3. To determine the effectiveness of materials in contributing to soundproofing.



1 ) The purpose of egg trays and foam bedding are for sound compression. 2 . Requirements bounces due to material's rubbing within its cell composition. 3. Egg trays and foam bedding effectively lead to soundproofing.


The researchers believe the following:

1 . The sound escaping the shoebox will be decreased.

2 . The sound will be increased better.

three or more. The finding of the most effective soundproofing material. F. RELEVANCE OF THE STUDY

This research aims to find out the most effective materials for soundproofing. This analyze benefits everyone who have a concern for noise pollution. People who like peaceful standards of living gain out of this study for they may in a position to know which in turn material obstructs sound. Folks who prefer deafening lifestyles (recording artists and rockstars) also gain out of this study because may able to know which in turn material is best for bouncing audio in a sealed room.



This analyze was conducted to identify the best material pertaining to soundproofing. In addition, it finds out how sound is blocked or perhaps reduced.

This study does not include the distance have the venturing sound and preventing sound obstacles.


The next items are identified to aid a better understanding of the terms used in the study. REVERBERATION - the perseverance of audio in a particular space following your original audio is produced. SOUNDPROOFING -- the method of reducing appear pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. It might be approached simply by sound stopping or audio...

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