Revision policy paragraph

Such reputable essay-writing companies as Our Site usually have very detailed terms and conditions to organize their cooperation with customers properly. Revision policy paragraph in the terms and conditions is very important, because it helps customers to adopt and develop their assignments due to the real requirement in colleges, journals and etcetera.

One rule that is usually mentioned in the terms and conditions is that student should give very clear instructions to writer to get result which he needs. How to give these instructions and how to organize productive communications with writer is usually written in the “order process” paragraph. Anyway, you already think about requirements and rules in you university, as well as the editors’ recommendations, when you give instructions to you writer. However, sometimes these instructions are not enough to make an appropriate assignment, or they can slightly change during the time that your writer will do an assignment. For these cases, such essay-writing services as Our Site have developed a revision policy.

Which components are in the revision policy paragraph?

Revision policy paragraph usually includes such items as:

  • Instructions. Revision policy strictly states that any revision is possible only in cases where it goes accordingly to the instructions given by client in the very beginning. If the company’s Quality Assurance Group will assume that such revision goes against the customer’s instructions, it will be canceled
  • Submission. Customer’s proposition of the revision can be submitted only in a special way. Usually online-writing company asks to send such emails through the Contact Us page (usually there is a special form there). Some companies, such as Our Site, also have a special email for revision correspondence
  • Deadlines. Those customers who want to ask for revisions need to stick to strict terms about how and when to do that. They normally have 3 revisions for free that can be ordered within 30 days after receiving a final draft, but different companies may have different terms. After every revision, customers need to send their approving papers within 1 week. If they skip this step, they’ll lose their free revision options.
  • Free revision allocation per order. Customers have a right for three free revisions, but only in cases where all the above rules are met. They have a strict period to send a request for revision and only through the special email or form on Contact US page. After the service will send the fixed copy, customer should always send an approval list back.

Paper writing services are very delicate with their writers. If service will decide that customer wants to take advantage of writer, it will cancel the revision. If you want to use all you free options, carefully follow the instructions from the terms and conditions.