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Basic principles of tourism & hospitality management

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Doctor Md. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury


Office of Marketing

University or college of Dhaka

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Group Identity: " Milestone”

Section: B

Department of promoting (17th Batch)

University of Dhaka

Day of Submission: 11- 04-2012


04 11, 2012

Dr . Maryland. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury


Department of promoting

University Of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of a Report on Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh

Special Sir,

This is our term paper upon ''Association of Travel Agents Bangladesh'' that you have given us to publish as a part requirement for the course –" Fundamentals of tourism & hospitality management” Code no-214. While organizing this term paper; we certainly have taken support from internet, literature, class classes and relevant sources.

Nevertheless we have attempted best but it may have some unintentional errors. Really is endless, this term paper should come up with the expectation.

We shall be delighted to answer any type of question associated with this term paper and shall be happy to provide additional clarification in the event that needed.

Your own faithfully

Group: ''MILESTONE''

Section: B


Department Of Marketing

University of Dhaka.


For the completion of this task, we won't be able to deserve all praise. There have been a lot of people who helped us by providing important information, guidance and guidance. Course report is an important part of BBA plan as one can easily gather functional knowledge inside the short period of your energy by observing and this process type of job. In this regard each of our report have been prepared upon ‘Association of Travel Agents Bangladesh'. At first you want to say thanks to Almighty. In that case to our training course teacher intended for giving all of us the project helping the course as well as for his useful guidelines. We should mention the name of the director of ATAB, Mr. Abdul Malek who offered us his valuable as well as information about ATAB. Last but not the least the wonderful working environment and the co-operation of group members that helped to complete the work with optimum information and pleasure.

The report prepared by us is only to meet academic purpose designed for any other explanation.

|Chapter |Title |Page no . | |Chapter 1 |Introduction | | | 1 ) 1 |Origin Of The Report |8 | | 1 . 2 |Objective Of The Statement |8 | | 1 ) 3 |Methodology Of The Survey |9 | | 1 . 4 |Limitation Of The Survey |9 | |Chapter two |ATAB'S Profile | | | installment payments on your 1 |Association of Travel Agents Bangladesh(ATAB) |11 | | 2 . a couple of |Historical Backdrop of ATAB |12 | | 2 . 3 |Organizational Hierarchy |12 | | 2 . some |Governing Insurance plan...

Bibliography: *Goelder, Charles Ur., Ritchie Brent J. Ur. (2006), " Tourism Basic principle, Practices & Philosophies”, tenth edition, " JOHN WILEY & KIDS, INC” web page no . (92-111)

*, (last seen on 8th April)

2. decision-puzzles-air-travellers. html, (last accessed on 29th March)

*,-Dhaki,-Bangladesh)-(ATAB).html, (last seen on sixth April)

5., (last accessed upon 27th March)

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