Records on the Kite Runner

 Notes around the Kite Jogger Essay

The Kite Jogger Notes

-California, San Francisco

-Year 2000

-Young few

-Man gets box of novels inside the mail

-Novel is called " A time of year for ashes”

-We the man's brand is Amir Qadiri when we see the book beside the cell phone when it rings. The phone wedding rings for Amir and he is asked to visit Afghanistan. -At this stage the film flashes to 1978 in Kabul, Afghanistan -For the second time up to now in the motion picture flying kites have been the focal point in the beginning of the landscape -Amir can be flying a kite, he looks about 10 years aged

-Amir's friend knew where the kite would property

-Amir was a pacifist as a child fantastic father did not like this – " Boys who can't stand up for him self becomes a person who can't stand up for anything”. -Amir's mom died by Amir's beginning, Amir thinks his dad hates him for this. -" Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul”

-Hassan runs kite for Amir

-Amir operates away when Hassan has been beaten up

-Amir shaping to be a coward

-Amir and his father are wealthy, upper class

-Hassan and his father are servants to Agha and Amir

-Amir frames Hassan, putting his watch beneath Hassan's cushion. -Amir says Hassan stole it

-Hassan and Ali leave Amir and his father as maids

-As they're leaving the premises, time flashes ahead a year to the Soviet Invasion in December 1979 -Amir told to pack his bags and evacuate

-Amir and Agha keep to Pakistan as Aga fears the communists are out to get him -Agha opposite to Amir, stands up for what he believes in. A scene inside the truck although going to Pakistan where a Soviet wants one hour with a female on the truck. Agha will never let him and tells the soldier he would rather be shot than for this injustice to take place. -This landscape ends with Amir match a composition in the vehicle on the way across the border -Flash forward to Fremont, California 1988

-Agha doing work at gas station

-Amir graduates university

-Agha extremely proud of Amir but wishes him to become a doctor and...

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