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Mother nature, Nurture or an Connection?

For this examples, make a decision whether the condition is a result of character, nurture, or perhaps an connection of the two. Explain the reasoning.


Peter, a 2-year-old only kid, displays a negative temper by running to his room and slamming the door when he is usually angry.

Is this nature, nurture, or perhaps an conversation?


Justify your solution:

I believe that the situation would be a result of nurture. My reasoning behind it as being a situation of nurture, happens because I believe that Peter serves this way as a result of environmental influences. I think that Peter might act this way because of the child-rearing styles that he may acquire from home. Peter is the simply child and his parents may well not act upon his bad outburst, they may shortage in disciplining him when he slams his door and showing him how to control his anger. I also think that it is a nurture situation as they may include witnessed somebody else acting in this manner, at couple of years old children will repeat the activities that they find.


Amelia gets high marks in mathematics. Amelia's mother is shocked because she never did well in math.

Are these claims nature, nurture, or an interaction?


Justify your answer:

I really believe that Amelia reciving bigger marks in math is known as a situation it really is a result of foster. At the time of learning math and becoming higher markings, she may possibly have had a good experiences with her teacher. Her instructor could have been actually supportive, encouraging and made Amelia feel safe to practice learning from mistakes, which could support her successed in math. Also, currently she might have been in a category where all of the students were curious about learning and becoming successful in mathematics, that it rubbed off on her too, triggering her to look for that inter motivation to obtain the higher represents she performed, compared to her last mathematics class.


Chauncey almost drowned in the pool when he was 5-years outdated....

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