Marketing Record for Hyflux Ltd

 Marketing Report for Hyflux Ltd Composition

Master of Business Administration

2014 – 2015


Marketing Across Boundaries

Assignment 1-2014

Title: Marketing Report intended for Hyflux Limited

Tutor: Romeo Huang

Posted By: Nu Nu Khine

Student Number: 1328258

Published on: 11th July 2014


1 ) About Company-----------------------------------------------------------3 2 . Milestones-------------------------------------------------------------------4, 5 3. Industry analysis-----------------------------------------------------------5 4. Porter's Five Forces-------------------------------------------------------6 4. 1 . Rivary Among Competitor (High) -------------------------------6 5. 2 . Twine of Inbound Competitor (Low) -------------------------6 some. 3. Twine of Existing Competitors (Low) --------------------------6 4. 4. Negotiating Power of Client (Medium) ----------------------7 4. five. Bargaining Power of Supplier (Low) -----------------------------7 five. External and Internal Analysis----------------------------------------------7 5. 1 ) Strength-----------------------------------------------------------------7 five. 2 . Weaknesses-------------------------------------------------------------8 5. three or more. Opportunities----------------------------------------------------------8 5. 4. Threats-------------------------------------------------------------------8 6. Monetary Highlights-------------------------------------------------9 6. 1 . Come back On Revenue Ratio (ROR) ----------------------------------------------9 6th. 2 . Come back on Value (ROE) --------------------------------------------9 7. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------10 References----------------------------------------------------------------------10, 10, 12

1 . 0. About Company

Hyflux is a global leading normal water solutions company producing drinking water that is clean, safe, cost-effective and available. Their assignments and businesses spanning around the world and include milestone projects, just like some in Singapore, Chinese suppliers and Algeria. They provide eco friendly solutions in a membrane-based desalination, water recycle, wastewater treatment, including membrane layer bioreactor areas (MBR) technology, drinking water treatment. Hyflux is known as a listed Firm on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). The company has a market capitalization almost U. S. $ S735. 4million (as of March 2009). Hyflux used more than two, 400 employees in all around the world. Hyflux begun as Hydrochem(S) Pte Limited by Ms Olivia Lum, Group CEO, President and Managing Overseer, in 1989. Recently in 2014, the company awarded difference at the Global Water Prizes by Global Water Intelligence, United Kingdom to get Tuaspring Desalination Plant.


To be the leading company the world seeks to get innovative and effective environmental solutions


To provide useful and affordable solutions to satisfy our clients' needs through innovation and technological improvement


Boldness - Dare to dream, challenge to do and dare to excel

Entrepreneurship - Nurture the entrepreneurial nature, embrace concern and expert change Satisfaction - Exceed internal and external customer satisfaction, take pride in work and deliver quality Testimony - Always be the face lurking behind the brand, exceed in business carry out and adopt best practices in corporate governance

2 . Breakthrough

1999 � Start to develop and make their own exclusive membranes and sale to plants and installed throughout the world.

2001� Started to be the initial water treatment company and listed in Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

2003Design and create the task can produce 24, 000 m³ of recycled wastewater every day named, The Seletar New Water Herb, for Community Utilities Panel of Singapore (PUB).

2003Build the Singapore first seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) for the Public Resources Board of Singapore (PUB) to supply water for the western component to Singapore. Development capacity is definitely 136380 m³ that is the 10 % of the...

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