Two types of information that writing services collect

Reputable online paper-writing services, such as Our Site, usually collect two types of information about their customers – information which personally identifies customer and also information which doesn’t personally identifies customer. To the first type we can include such customers’ information as phone number, name, address and email address. Some of the online-writing services ask their clients to make a photo-copy of the credit card (all numbers except the last four can be covered), a photo-copy of the passport or visa (for internationals) and etcetera. All this is required to make sure that customer has serious intentions. The second type of information that writing-services collect include such information as customers IP, browser and etcetera.

Privacy policy paragraph is aimed to make clear how customer’s personal information can be used. Usually writing services declare that they won’t use customer’s personal information and will never sell it to third parties. However, some paper-writing websites can share their customer’s information with several groups of companies; they are:

  • Third party service providers for online-writing company
  • Paper-writing website’s parent company
  • Different kinds of affiliated companies for marketing, operational, and promotional purposes
  • Different website’s co-promotional partners. Here can be mentioned any companies with whom online-writing website have marketing relationships
  • Website’s participating merchants.

Essay-writing service can share some of the customer’s personal information with the above parties to improve their services. The more information paper-writing website has about its customers, the more chances that it will understand their needs. Some of customers are ready to share their information and some – not. That is why several groups of information are optional to share.

What kind of information helps writing services to improve their work?

Such reputable services as Our Site want to know their clients. Who are they? What do they do? What do they want from paper-writing websites? These questions are relevant for paper-writing services. What information do usually writing services collect:

  • Customer’s ID, browser. This helps companies to protect their customers from breaking. In other words, this is a security necessity
  • Name, photo-copy of passport, driving license or visa (to collect an official ID), as well as photo-copy of the credit card. Writing service needs all this to make sure that customer is ready for serious cooperation
  • Demographic information – age, marriage status, gender, shopping preferences and etcetera.

If you feel not comfortable about paper-writing company collecting and sharing your personal information, you should carefully read all paragraphs on the Terms and Conditions page. Anyway, there are plenty good reputable writing services, so there is no doubt that you will find a good one that will fully satisfy you. If I will decide to buy an assignment, I will probably use Our Site, because it is getting very popular among other students.