Poopoo Essay


1 ) Provide a profile of Mt Alexander which include:

• The park and which shire it is positioned in

Mount Alexander Regional Recreation area, Mount Alexander Shire

• When was it produced a state area?


• The distance coming from Bendigo and Melbourne

120km to Melbourne and30 a few minutes away from Bendigo

• What facilities does the park give?

Camping areas, walking tracks, picnicking areas, sightseeing spots, camp flames spots and toilets. There are plenty of Transmission systems on the huge batch.

• Provide maps and pictures.


installment payments on your Provide a profile of the Harcourt township including:

• The place, population and climate.

9km from Castlemaine, population can be 439, it may get very hot in Harcourt but could also go below 0 certifications

• The services within the town (police, fireplace, schools, etc .... )

We have a pre-school and a primary college in Harcourt. There is no Authorities station or perhaps Hospital in Harcourt nevertheless there are in Castlemaine which is close. The closest Fireplace station is usually in Castlemaine but the Sutton Grange CFA is just as close.

• Precisely what are the main types of industry?

Harcourt originally began as a platinum mining community but has been an apple growing area for a long time now. The area area is additionally fast acquiring a name intended for wine and cider production.

3. Give a profile from the Mt Alexander wildlife which includes: (please provide pictures and pictures in this question).

• Local birdlife


• Native mammals

Asian grey kangaroo

• Decreasing in numbers species – are some of the plants or animals found in the playground endangered, endangered or exceptional? Why? What is being done about this?

4. Exactly what the rules of the Regional Park?

5. Discuss our tasks as a college camping group in terms of little impact camping when we go to Mt Alexander.

(Minimum of 300-400 words)

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