Sections of the Fair Competition Act

 Sections of the Fair Competition Act Article





COMPONENT I. Initial 2 . a few. Interpretation. Application of Act.

COMPONENT II. The Fair Trading Commission 5. 5. six. 7. almost eight. 9. 12. 11. Institution of Commission rate. Functions from the Commission. Commission payment shall seek information. Powers from the Commission. Hearings to be saved in public. Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) may give guidelines. Powers of entry and search, etc . Discontinuance of investigation.

Financial Provisions, Accounts and Reviews 12. 13. 14. Money of Commission. Accounts and audit. Reviews.

Appointment of Staff 12-15. 16. Session of Business Director, Secretary and other personnel. Pensions, gratuities and other heading off benefits.

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PART III. Control of Uncompetitive Practice 17. 18. nineteen. 20. 21. Provisions of agreement having effect of decreasing competition. Contracts containing exclusionary provisions gap. Existence of dominant position. Abuse of dominant position. Action in relation to abuse of dominant placement.

PART IV. Resale Cost Maintenance Collective Resale Price Maintenance twenty two. 23. twenty four. Collective negotiating by suppliers prohibited. Ordinaire agreement simply by dealers. Application of sections twenty-two and 3 to associations.

Individual Bare minimum Resale Price Maintenance twenty-five. 26. 27. 28. Minimum resale value maintained simply by contract or agreement. Branded goods beneath section 25. Maintenance of minimal resale rates by different means. Meaning.

PART Sixth is v. Authorizations 29. 30. 31. 32. Scholarhip of authorizations. Effect of consent. Revocation of authorization. Sign-up of authorizations.

PART NI. Exclusive Interacting, Tied Offering and Market Restriction thirty-three. Exclusive interacting.

PART VII. Offences against Competition 34. 35. thirty-six. Price fixing. Conspiracy. Bid-rigging.


thirty seven. 38. 39. 40. forty one. 42. 43. 44. 45. Misleading marketing. Representation regarding reasonable test and publication of testimonials. Dual ticketing, Sale at great buy price. Sale above marketed price. Blockage of exploration. Destruction of records, etc . Giving false of misleading information to Commission. Failure to attend and provide evidence.

COMPONENT VIII. Adjustment, Remedies and Appeals 46. 47. forty-eight. 49. 55. Application to get enforcement. Forces of Court docket. Civil the liability. Appeals against finding of Commission. Procedure of purchase pending willpower of appeal.

PART IX. General 51. 52. 53. 54. Exemption from tax, stamp duties, transfer tax and traditions duty. Polices. Powers of Commission to prohibit disclosure of information, documents and facts. Application towards the Crown.




[9th March, 1993. ] 1 . This Work may be reported as the Fair Competition Act.

Action 9 of 1993

Brief title.

PART I. First

2 . (1) In this Act, unless the context or else requires— Meaning. [Amended, 2001]

" acquire" — (a) in relation to goods, includes get hold of by way of surprise, purchase of exchange, and by method of lease, seek the services of or hire purchase; (b) in relation to solutions, includes accept. " advertisement" means virtually any form of interaction made to the public or a part of the public with regards to promoting the supply of goods or perhaps services; " agreement" involves any agreement, arrangement or perhaps understanding whether oral or in writing or whether or not it is or will be legally enforceable; " certified officer" means any officer of the Commission rate authorized by the Commission to help it in the performance of its features under this Act; " business" means any activity that is carried on for gain or incentive or throughout which services or goods are manufactured, created or delivered, including the foreign trade of goods coming from Jamaica; " Commission" means the Reasonable Trading Commission rate established beneath section 5; " consumer" means anyone who is either— (a) a person who goods happen to be or are can be supplied for the duration of a business continued by the dealer or potential supplier; (b) a person for...

Sources: Functions with the Commission. [Amended, 2001]


Commission shall seek information. [Amended, 2001] Capabilities of the Commission rate. [Amended, 2001]


Discontinuance of exploration. [Amended, 2001] Powers of entry and search, etc . Hearings to become held in community. Minister can provide directions.

[Amended, 2001]

Action in relation to misuse of dominating position.

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