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PAD 500 – Modern General public Administration


This course examines the structure, functions, processes, and administration with the executive branch agencies of federal, condition, and local government authorities, nongovernmental companies (NGOs), as well as the non-profit sector. It examines the theoretical framework and historical progress the discipline of open public administration to feature the constitution, social and political conditions, and the context of the formation. The course research the practice of community budgeting and financial supervision, public command and values, policy-making, research and analysis, and community personnel administration. Additionally , the course evaluates the opportunity of non-governmental organizations plus the nonprofit sector and explores the similarities and differences between the sectors.


Required Methods

Denhardt, L. B., & Denhardt, M. V. (2009). Public supervision: An action positioning: 2010 custom editiond. (6th ed. ). Belmont, CALIFORNIA: Thompson – Wadsworth – Cengage Learning. Stillman, L. J. (2010). Public operations: Concepts and cases: 2010 custom release. (9th education. ). Boston: Houghton Mifflin – Cengage Learning.

Extra Resources

Caiden, N. (1981). Public budgeting amidst uncertainty and instability, Public Spending budget and Financial, (Spring), 1(1), 6-19.

Chandler, Ralph C., and Keyboard, Jack C. (1988). Open public Administration Dictionary. (2nd education. ). Father christmas Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

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Goodnow, F. (1900). Politics and administration: Research in authorities. New York: Russell and Russell, pp. 17-26.

Perry James L. (1996). Handbook of Public Operations. (2nd ed. ). Jossey Bass. Maslow, A. They would. (1943). A theory of motivation, Emotional Review, 50, 370-396. McGregor, D. Meters. (1957). Your side of enterprise. NYC: McGraw-Hill. Wa Information Directory site. Congressional Quarterly, Inc. by


1 . Understand the historical development of the field of public administration. 2 . Assess public government, both the classic and the fresh approaches, coming from structural, functional, and procedure perspectives.

three or more. Explain the role and functions of public administration as it relates to executive divisions of government and public procedures at federal, state, and local levels. 4. Assess the changing nature and responsibilities to get managing community and non-profit organizations. 2012 Strayer University. All Legal rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University or college Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be duplicated, further given away, or otherwise unveiled in whole or perhaps in part, with no expressed created permission of Strayer College or university.

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CUSHION 500 – Modern Open public Administration

5. Critique integrity in public service and its affect on the study of community administration as it relates to personal choice.

6th. Analyze and apply concepts of preparing, reengineering, setup, and software evaluation essential to the study of public administration mainly because it relates to political choice. six. Analyze and explain concepts of general public budgeting and policy formation essential to study regarding public government as it relates to political decision.

8. Examine and apply concepts of planning and human resource management essential to the study of open public administration as it relates to political choice.

being unfaithful. Analyze and apply concepts of public leadership and management necessary to the study of community administration.

10. Use technology and details resources to analyze issues in...

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