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The excessive use of technology: possible hazards and changes it can bring. Technology in every of it is forms -- social networks, androids, the Web, instantaneous messaging, online gambling -- is known as a net reduction for today's young people, for least in respect to one selection of Silicon Valley eighth-graders.

Technology in all of its varieties -- internet sites, smart phones, the Web, instant messaging, on the net gaming -- is a net loss intended for today's teenagers, at least according to 1 group of San francisco eighth-graders. (ABC News Photography Illustration)

" It's harmful to us, but it really sure can be fun, " said Joshua Bautista, 13, one of the students in Sister Jolene Schmitz's junior high school graduation class in Resurrection College in Sunnyvale, Calif. Admittedly, this casual survey offers, at best, only anecdotal facts. Still, it can be pretty shocking that a selection of young teens, all of them technologically very astute and surviving in the very heart of San francisco, would arrive to these kinds of a summary. Click Here for the most recent Business Tales From HURUF News

These kids, born considering the time the Internet started to be widely implemented, live within just blocks of exactly where the Intel microprocessor, the Apple laptop and the Atari video game every were developed. They use their days and nights (and nights) surfing the net, playing online games and instant messaging. Most have cell phones inside their backpacks. And a lot of have by least one particular parent whom works inside the electronics market. Yet, the moment asked to weigh the advantages of having substantial technology inside their lives versus the costs -- intellectually, emotionally, socially -- of that technology, the class the best performer 31-3 bad … a ratio so extreme which it argues against an incongruite and toward a larger problem about the overall impact of technology on the lives of your young people. " We look for the content medium, " said Stephanie Abreu, 13, " Although we don't know where it is. " This may not to say which the eighth-graders, every one of them heading off to top-tier San francisco high schools, don't appreciate their technical toys and tools. However, when asked to list all of the positives about tech, they were not short of answers: access to data with unmatched scope, to be able to socialize with large groupings over huge distances, 24/7 multi-media connection, and perhaps on top of that, whole new worlds of entertainment. Moreover, this brave fresh digital universe has always been component to their lives and, maybe a bit seasoned by it every, they discover the idea of a new without pcs and cell phones surprisingly interesting: In a class vote, one-third of the college students said they might prefer to possess lived in the long-ago, pre-tech world of the late 1950s. The moment asked the actual find wrong with residing in our contemporary, wired, Net world, the scholars had a good number of answers, most of which in turn fell to a half-dozen types. I'll let the students largely speak for themselves -- voices describing the irony of the technical revolution using a sincerity few of us adults have heard before: Time-waster: " Technology is the key to procrastination, " said Kenny Kobetsky, 14. Eighty percent of the course said they'd missed sleep because of playing on the Net, 50 percent said they had overlooked to do groundwork for the same reason. " The world wide web is just thus tantalizing, " said Chip Gregov, 16. " I actually think McDonald's is healthier than my own computer, " added Blake Billiet, 13. Though the learners did confess that the Web and cell phone can save time that used to be burned up up driving a car to the store or selection, few experienced that these gains exceeded the many hours thrown away on textual content or World wide web surfing. Loss in motivation: " With all of these kinds of toys, it can hard to get away from home, " said Sybile Moser, 14. Many of the students stated that while technology makes it easier to get into information and pay attention to new things, deficiency of interaction with others typically makes that learning biased and distorted -- mainly because you only study what you want to find out. " The students miss the give-and-take, the...

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