Mba Leadership Strategies for a Changing Universe

 Mba Command Strategies for a Changing Globe Essay

Jennifer Todd

Unit 6 MBA Individual Last Project


Leadership Strategies for a Changing World

May well 24, 2010


We interviewed my brother for this job. My brother is a Region five Coordinator to get the Florida Division of Unexpected emergency Management, and he is becoming inducted in to the position while National Commander for the Sons in the American Legion. I chose to interview him for several causes including his success over time. I have found him operate his approach up the business ladder, I realize about his work values, and I have experienced the willpower that it will take to do what he needs to do to be able to continue to be successful. I have learned a considerable amount of items from him through the years and I have discovered him to get strong innovator and motivator. At one time using the a volunteer disaster recovery team that assisted community public officials including authorities, fire, and ambulance staff in many man-made and natural disasters. Using the the team with only 3 members and took this to over 300 members who were very closely networked with various fire and authorities departments during three counties in port orange fl, the team got various workout sessions through the Government Emergency Managing Agency, CERT, National Weather Service, and the American Crimson Cross. This individual has verified himself to get an effective head on many occasions through the years.

For these reasons My spouse and i felt that this would be an effective way to learn whenever you can about his successes, just how he stayed focused, his motivation, and exactly how he believed about the progress that he has made, as well as receiving any tips that he previously to offer to me and my continued accomplishment.


The following are the questions that I asked of my brother David Roberts through email on, may 23, 2010. 1 . What process performed you adhere to to get to the positioning you are currently in? 2 . What training do you have to be able to qualify you for your current position? 3. What schooling do you have to carry out in order to keep up on, be in the know, keep up to date, be well-informed in your present position? four. How do you continue to learn of our own lifetime?

your five. What do you really feel are necessary learning goals for somebody to be a highly effective leader in your field? six. What are your learning goals for future years?

7. How can you measure the progress toward reaching your goals? 8. How can you exemplify management in your field?

9. What advice will you give someone in order for them to become successful?

Answers provided by James Roberts

" Jennifer, I am going to use my amount of time in the Sons of the American Legion to answer these questions as it is almost certainly more appropriate regarding leadership in an organization – See listed below for my answers. I am hoping these support. ” (Roberts, 2010) 1 . In the Kids of the American Legion right now there really is not a specific procedure that one goes thru to be in the position which i am at the moment in. With that in mind, it is anticipated that members hold command positions inside the organization at lower levels (Squadron, Area and State).

2 . My spouse and i wouldn't call it training. Plus a member for more than 30 years and i also was mentored by many people in the American Legion Family members. As such, I used to be able to study what needed to be done to help to make myself, the members We represented as well as the organization effective.

3. Once again, I wouldn't call it teaching. Although we do more and more that can be named training today than all of us did just before. Our National Organization conducts the National Management Start that is directed by our Past Nationwide Commanders. This can be a 3-year commitment by simply those that show up at our National Executive Committee Meetings in Indianapolis, IN. There are three or more sessions plus they are offered during our Planting season Meeting each year. Members focus on the 1st and progress each year until that they finish the next class. When finished the members should have a good understanding of good management/leadership skills. Once i was Condition Commander, I had fashioned the opportunity to enroll in the 1st Express Commander's...

Referrals: Roberts, T., (2010). Personal Interview

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