Hico Composition

To: Miss. Kiran Asad

From: Group which contains:

* Tabeer Ghaznavi

* Syed Ali Raza

* Danish Wajahat

* Aaniat Hasan

Hico Ice Cream was the 1st ice cream business in Pakistan. It is manufactured by Pakistan Juice Co. (Pvt. ) Ltd. As a simple introduction. Pakistan Fruit Juice Co. (Pvt. ) Ltd. can be family-owned concern. It was established in 1952 and is largely involved in the making and marketing of various industrial and client products which includes beverages, fresh fruit juices, ice cream, industrial gases and Rice/agriculture generate. Hico Ice Cream is one of the couple of brands in Pakistan which will manufacture fully pure dairy ice cream. Can make for a healthier alternative. Hico Ice Cream produces a variety of flavors including candy, vanilla, manga, strawberry, pineapple, apple, and orange. It is also responsible for the production of other more premium flavors, just like tutti fruity. Perhaps their most respected tastes is praline, a flavor the company is famous throughout its hometown Lahore for. You’re able to send strong although small division and advertising network warranties consumer fulfillment and brand loyalty. Although Hico Your favorite ice cream has a little sales network, Hico's ice cream flawless quality challenges hot-shot companies like Wall surfaces or Omore which have a stronger sales network and more publicity. Once someone likes the quality of Hico ice cream, they becomes a loyal fan. HICO has just two items in the market both of them are method time consumables but can be stored to get long durations if closed air limited. They are its ice cream and ice-lollies. The main objective of the brand is on their ice cream which is available in an extremely wide variety of one of a kind and tantalizing flavors:

* оЂЂChocolate

5. Chocolate rant

* Peanut butter

* Espresso

* Cookies and cream

* Mango

* Pistachio

* Praline

5. Strawberry

5. Tutti Frutti

* Vanilla

* Kulfa

Hico's primary focus nevertheless is on the high quality regular, with their genuine milk milk ice-cream that they try to preserve throughout Pakistan. All of their glaciers creams have an appealing and wide variety of packaging. Hico provides a set normal that is why the price is consistent across almost all its outlets in Pakistan. All of the flavors price the same amount plus the only difference occurs when you buy it in several packaging, as the more you get the cheaper it costs you. Hico ice cream is expensive because of its level of quality, uniqueness and assisting packaging. That offer any kind of discounts or perhaps packages, and its particular products are generally not that huge, so as to buy on credit terms (few exceptions just like major lodge chains who have buy equally do exist). Hico was initially established in Lahore and from there rapidly grew to numerous major urban centers of Punjab like Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Soon in addition, it spread their self to major cities like Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan. Initially Hico had a strong distribution channel and a large network, especially in Punjab. Hico is available in many retail outlets and is employed widely in ice-cream parlors, restaurants and hotels.

Company Personality of HICO

We am a cheerful ice cream, according to my term I have a very youthful and delighting personality. My radiant attires and color themes complement my personal joyful and pleasurable individuality. I am very young at heart and that is why I like to outfit funky. I actually am in no way gaudy like others; I am classy, refined and extremely sophisticated. I love to make others happy and my notion of a gift connects my client to the idea of a treat, in cases like this an indulgent one! My personal packs communicate extra attention & attention since my personal tags seem like they have been handwritten to add effect. I are renowned intended for my genuineness, my goodwill and brand equity addresses for my own sincerity and integrity. My personal behavior quite evidently shows that I am very interpersonal and friendly. People are fond of me intended for my gregarious and pleasurable frame of mind. My spouse and i endow other folks with many...

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