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Chapter thirty seven: Gas Exchange in Family pets


(By Paul Nolan)

Multiple Decision

1 . In the event that you where atop Mt. Everest, just how many cubic meters of air do you need to breathe in order to gain the same quantity of oxygen substances that you might gain in one cubic inmiscuirse of surroundings at ocean level? a. 2

w. 3

c. 5

deb. 9

at the. 10

Answer: b

Book Reference: thirty seven. 0 Launch

Page: 729

Bloom's Category: 3. Making use of

2 . Gas exchange in animals constantly involves

a. lungs.

n. breathing actions.

c. neural control.

d. diffusion among internal body system fluids as well as the outside medium. e. effective transport of gases.

Answer: d

Book Reference: Idea 37. 1 Fick's Law of Diffusion Governs Respiratory system Gas Exchange Page: 730

Bloom's Category: 2 . Understanding

3. Inhaling provides the physique with the oxygen required to support the energy metabolism of all cellular material and also removes _______, one of many waste products of cell metabolic process. a. co2

b. deadly carbon monoxide

c. carbon tetrachloride

g. calcium carbonate

e. carbonic acid

Solution: a

Book Reference: Concept 37. you Fick's Legislation of Diffusion Governs Breathing Gas Exchange Page: 730

Bloom's Category: 2 . Understanding

4. By sea level, atmospheric pressure is about _______ mm Hg. a. you

b. 454

c. 760

d. 940

e. one particular, 000

Answer: c

Textbook Reference: Idea 37. one particular Fick's Legislation of Diffusion Governs Breathing Gas Exchange Page: 730

Bloom's Category: 1 . Recalling

5. Dry air is approximately 78 percent nitrogen; therefore , the partial pressure of nitrogen at sea level is about _______ mm Hg. a. 10

b. 234

c. 593

d. 780

e. None of the over

Answer: c

Textbook Reference: Concept thirty seven. 1 Fick's Law of Diffusion Regulates Respiratory Gas Exchange Web page: 730

Bloom's Category: a few. Applying

6th. If a world were found out where the barometric pressure was 2, 000 mm Hg and the atmosphere was 12-15 percent T-MOBILE, the partial pressure of its T-MOBILE at sea level would be a. 15 percent.

b. 12-15 mm Hg.

c. 30 %.

d. 133 mm Hg.

e. 300 mm Hg.

Answer: at the

Textbook Reference: Concept 37. 1 Fick's Law of Diffusion Affects Respiratory Gas Exchange Webpage: 730

Bloom's Category: several. Applying

six. The rate where a gas diffuses among two locations is _______ the distance between those spots. a. not related to

b. positively associated with

c. the square root of

d. negatively related to

elizabeth. non-e with the above

Response: d

Book Reference: Strategy 37. you Fick's Legislation of Konzentrationsausgleich Governs Respiratory Gas Exchange Page: 730

Bloom's Category: 3. Making use of

8. Fresh air can be changed more easily in air as compared to water because a. the o2 content of air is definitely higher than that of water.

w. oxygen diffuses more slowly in water than in air.

c. more energy is required to move water than air mainly because water is denser. d. Both a and m

e. All of the above

Answer: e

Textbook Reference: Strategy 37. one particular Fick's Regulation of Diffusion Governs Respiratory Gas Exchange Page: 730-731

Bloom's Category: 2 . Understanding

9. Which usually of the subsequent is not one of the reasons that diffusion of O2 in to an animal much more problematic than diffusion of CO2 coming from an animal? a. CO2 is more soluble in water in comparison to O2.

b. Cellular breathing produces less CO2 than the O2 that may be consumed. c. The CO2 content of air is no more than the T-MOBILE content.

d. The atmospheric partial pressure of UNITED KINGDOM is more than the atmospheric partial pressure of LASER. e. There is also a greater concentration gradient in the cell to the atmosphere intended for CO2 than for O2. Answer: n

Textbook Reference point: Concept thirty seven. 1 Fick's Law of Diffusion Governs Respiratory Gas Exchange Page: 730-732

Bloom's Category: a few. Evaluating

10. Rapid gas exchange could be accomplished easier in air than in drinking water because a. the O2 content material of normal water is more than that of surroundings.

b. the CO2 articles of normal water is more than that of surroundings.

c. UNITED KINGDOM diffuses quicker in water than in atmosphere.

d. water is more heavy and viscous...

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