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 Hand Decontamination Essay


Relative to the NMC guidelines as well as the Nursing code of practice, any individual, placement and clinical labels have been taken out or altered in the project; this is to make sure all information is definitely kept secret and comes after the privacy policy from the NMC (NMC, 2009)This is actually a reflective report about side decontamination. Side washing is deemed the single most significant clinical skill in stopping cross toxins and contamination (Dougherty & Lister, 2009) In this report I will reflect on my personal encounter, after learning the theory and practicing the hand care technique, highlighting on my feelings and areas for improvement. |

Description of so what happened. On the day we were firstly brought to hand decontamination, using a electricity point business presentation. This presentation introduced the subject, looking at my it is important in clinical areas, when hand washing must be used, in which I should be washing my personal hands and was likewise shown the right technique which should be used for effective hand decontamination. After looking at the theory lurking behind the topic we all went into a mock specialized medical setting to train the technique. We were separated into more compact groups, during these groups we-took it in turns to clean our hands, following the accurate procedure that individuals will use out in the practice areas. After being put in groups and practicing the technique, we all used AND ALSO gel upon our hands to show up the areas we had missed, within the UV mild. What were you thinking and sense? During this I had been feeling anxious about the prospect of learning a fresh and my own first clinical skill, like a student nurse. As well the feeling of excitement, I used to be also feeling nervous as I was considering working in groupings with people I was not completely familiar with however and being forced to practice the technique in front of these people. As well thinking about learning my initially skill made me nervous because this was among the list of clinical expertise I will be learning as a student. Another feeling I was suffering from was attention, I was contemplating what the expertise labs wherever going to wind up as and also about how exactly effective the hand decontamination technique was. What was advantages or disadvantages about the knowledge? Even though I used to be nervous about working entrance of the other users of the group, I feel this was very good experience. Working in front of the other members of the group help to build confidence and also helped the people in the group to get to know the other person and develop friendships. This is very important to me as being a student doctor as I am going to be appointment new people regularly and have to confident inside my role. Learning my first clinical skill and getting the chance to physical practice this was a good experience, this kind of allowed me to understand the technique better and see the results for myself. With this experience there was also bad knowledge. Even though employed in front of folks will have a fantastic end result, in developing my own confidence and friendships, primarily I found this a bad encounter. I was actually nervous regarding being observed by other people and having to work in the front of new people. After I got practice the hand decontamination technique, I used the UV products to look at my own results, this was a bad experience as I revealed a large number of areas I had skipped, when cleaning my hands. After seeing this and showing on it, this suggest to me that I will need to continue to practice the strategy.

What perception can you make of the situation? Side washingHand decontamination is one of the most crucial measures that health care functions should take in order to avoid the transmitting of bacteria (Hugonnet & Pittet, 2000). After performing research it happened in 1999, it was found that only 48% of the NHS staff had been compliant with the hand cleaning procedure (Hugonnet & Pittet, 2000). Palm washing is known as a highly explored topic, and even more recent studies from 2006 show that 89% of the NHS personnel will miss some element of their hand,...

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