Group Working

 Group Operating Essay

Group working or cooperative learning

M. Ramez Behrad

Professor Mrs. Baher


Dec, 01/ 12/ 2012

Thesis declaration:

Group operating makes the environment of learning better by giving students more confidence and increases connections among students. Outline:


a. Importance of English language

b. Problems in English language classes

c. Suggested answer

Background information

a. Definition of group working

b. feathers of group doing work

Differences of studying independently and studying in a group

Advantages of group working

Teacher's roles



Since student-centered is considered as the most helpful approaches to improve students' abilities in English language; the problems with independent learning and its constraints on students' learning will lead educators to stimulate students to study in groupings. In this conventional paper I'm launching group operating as a key method for motivating and engaging every students with different levels inside the same activity or lessons. This method of teaching will create a good atmosphere in the class and increases students' confidence while they exchange ideas using their classmates and in many cases learn some thing from them.


English language language is recognized as as a crucial key quality since it was chosen since the intercontinental language. This kind of language is used in every element of our life; commercials, descriptions of a remedies, news and many other things are making use of this language. Thus we can admit nowadays ability in connect and employ this language is vital. Many persons around the world try to learn English language language to become part of the outdoors world and communicate with this. The problem is that some of these scholars are not effective in learning this kind of language, even though participate in several courses however they get nothing. As a younger student for Herat School, I see that some of college students in our school are not able to work with their understanding of English, although they are in higher positions with great numbers; their ability to utilize the language in real conversation does not manage to conform to the score they may have achieved. One of the major reasons is that many classes at school are composed of 40 to 60 college students so the top quality and quantity of students' participation during these classes is indeed limited and just those college students who are at the top can participate in several activities and discussions; therefore , group job or supportive method is definitely a good solution in such classes.

Students get their own method to study intended for examinations. Several students prefer to study individually because they think that they will have got much more calmness and they will only focus on these parts that they problem. Yet , there are several advantages in group study. For example , students who have study with their peers make higher represents than those whom study without any assistance. The ambiance that is produced by the college students is helpful for their study. In addition, a student will help himself by simply repeating what he is aware of and also his peers by doing cooperative activities. Also, group study involves interactions that really help to study and stop dullness. It truly is far more effective than independent study because of the deep discussion between pupils. As a result, group study features successful advantages over individuals who study separately and in this paper I'll explain many of these advantages. With this paper, I'm going to explain the difference of studying independently and studying or working in organizations and the benefits associated with group doing work and its estime on individuals and how group working the actual environment of learning better by providing learners more confidence and improves interactions between students.

Background Information

In order to understand the meaning of the group working it is best first look at a few proverbs that basically convey this is of group working; i have heard it said: " More hands make...

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