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Lake of Words

  • Award: Distribution in theLake of Phrasesanthology
  • Deadline: January 1, 2019 for US learners, February you, 2020 to get international college students and those in Arizona or perhaps Georgia
  • Fee: Not one

The River of Words contest asks pupils to consider watershedsan place that canal into the same body of waterand how they connect with all their local community.Students can explore this concept in art or perhaps writing, with winners getting published in the annualRiver of Termsanthology.

Entries in every categories has to be submitted by simply December one particular, 2019 for students in the US, or February you, 2020 pertaining to international students and college students in Illinois or Atlanta.

The Lake of Words contest is usually primarily pertaining to recognition and publication, while the website will not list any kind of prize money.The competition includes specific awards for certain forms, including poetry, some of which may have got additional prizes.

The contest is open to Intercontinental and US students from kindergarten to grade 12. High school students older than 19 are usually eligible.

How to Format a 500-Word Grant Essay

The format of the 500-word grant essay is comparable to a shorter essay. Each paragraph is about 75-125 words, and that consists of approximately for five well-written content. If you are producing a story or personal anecdote, the formatting can be similar to a book than a news story, newspaper article.

The main aspects of a 500-word essay incorporate:

Introduction section that engages the reader and establishes the thesis. The thesis could possibly be a question that you will later solution in the composition content, or it can be a affirmation that you support in the body paragraphs. If you are producing a story, your thesis might not be as obvious.

4-6 body system paragraphs which provide evidence to support your thesis. Each section should be a cohesive element with an guide and realization. The body sentences should stream well from a single point to another.

A summary paragraph that reminds someone of the thesis and shows key points from the body text message. The conclusion ought to answer the question or complete the statement made in the introduction. It should give the visitor a sense of seal and quality

500-word essays do not have to become exactly 500 words, nonetheless they should be while close as is feasible. The article prompt may well say in under five-hundred words or perhaps in at least five-hundred words, which might state if 500 may be the minimum or perhaps maximum expression count. If perhaps that details is not specified, write as much as it is advisable to comprehensively treat the immediate without frivolous content.

Cinetopia Presents: Metabolismo Sin Papeles – Health Undocumented

Performs Sunday, Sept 22 in 6: 00 pm

2019 Cinetopia Passholders join FREE! Keep an eye out for each of our e-mail to receive your promo code.

$12 for The state of michigan Theater members/$15 for non-members.

Sparked by simply backlash into a neo-Nazi move and a stream of strict anti-immigrant laws moving in Arizona ( az ), a group of active supporters and workers organize to build Phoenix Allies for Community Health, a unique free medical center serving unrecorded immigrants. The film uses their quest, delves in to the heart and history of the clinic, and chronicle

several. American Overseas Service Secondary school Essay Match

Description:In the event you’re trying to help pupils take a deep dive in international relations, history, and writing, seek out this dissertation contest. This year’s winner stood away from one particular, 000 syndication with her essay, Strategic Collaboration and Constructive Connection: Lessons coming from US Input in Bosnia and War.

Age Group:9th–12th grades

How to Get into:Each year a fresh prompt is published in September. Stay tuned to the match web page to help you find it when school commences. Winners obtain full college tuition to the Term at Sea program in addition to a trip to Wa, DC, to meet with a innovator at the Section of Point out.


  • The Glory in the Conquered(1909)
  • The Visioning(1911)
  • Faithfulness (novel)(1915)
  • Brook Evans(1928)
  • Fugitive’s Return(1929)
  • Ambrose Holt and Family(1931)
  • A period of time Is Around Us(1939)
  • Norma Ashe(1942)
  • Judd Rankin’s Child(1945)

Short account collections

  • Lifted Face masks(1912)
  • A Jury of Her Colleagues(1917)
  • Her America: A Jury of Her Peers and Other Stories by Leslie Glaspell(2010), edited simply by Patricia D. Bryan & Martha C. Carpentier
  • The Rules of the Institution and Other Testimonies(2018)

Official Secrets

One day in 2003, in the lead to the Iraq Battle, British intelligence specialist Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley) receives a idiota from the NSA with a surprising directive: the usa is using Britain’s assist in collecting limiting information on U. N. Secureness Council associates to blackmail them into voting in support of an attack of War. Unable to uphold and watch the world be hurried into warfare, Gun the actual gut-wrenching decision to escape her govt and drip the idiota to the press.

How to Make it through a Plague

Mon. Sep. 30 by 7: 31 PM in the Michigan.

How to Endure a Trouble is the story of two coalitions-ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Actions Group)-whose workings and creativity turned AIDS from a death sentence in your essay into a controllable condition. Despite having simply no scientific teaching, these prosperous activists compromised the pharmaceutic industry and helped recognize promising new drugs, shifting them from experimental trials to people in record time. With unfettered access to a treasure trove of never-before-seen archival footage from your 19

New productions

In 1996 the Orange Tree Theater in Richmond, London, started a long affiliation with the takes on of Leslie Glaspell. Auriol Smith directedThe Vergein mil novecentos e noventa e seis, one of the first of numerous plays by American playwright to be performed at the movie theater. The Mint Theater in New York City madeAlison’s Homein 1999 beneath the direction of Linda Ames Key.

In the 2008 set note to getInheritors, Orange Tree director Mike Walters composed:

In 1996. My spouse and i felt we had rediscovered an incredibly important writer. Now, when I speak to American pupils, which I do quite often, We try my personal ‘Glaspell test’. I simply ask them if they may have heard of her, and almost always non-e of which have. I quickly mentionTrifles, and some realize they have heard of that much-anthologized short play. Therefore even in her own country she is shamefully neglected. And when I type Glaspell on my computer system it usually wants to change it to Gaskell.

The Ontological Hysteric Incubator Arts project put on two plays by Glaspell,The Vergein 2009, directed by Alice Reagan; andTriflesin 2010, directed by Brooke O’Harra and Brendan Connelly.

As of 2013 the theater has produced three of Glaspell’s one-act plays and five of her full-length plays, including the first ever production of Glaspell’s unpublished final play,Springs Eternal.

In September 2015, celebrating the centenary of Provincetown Players, American Bard Theater Company presented a 12-hour celebration, featuring performances of 10 of Glaspell’s plays in a single day.

As of 2018, The San Diego State University school of theatre, television, and film opened this fall with The Glaspell Project. This project consisted of two one-act plays by Susan Glaspell:Trifleswritten in 1916 andWomen Horrorwritten in 1918. The plays were directed by faculty member Randy Reinholz and sold out immediately. Ticket charge was $20 and $17 for students. The production ran Friday September 28 through Sunday October 7 in the SDSU’s experimental theatre. This school aspires to gender equality and has pledged that half of each season’s productions will be written by female playwrights. Reinholz said:

It’s important to recognize that women, or any group, are not a group of homogenous people. I am very familiar with working as a very close ally and advocate, but also as an outs

We the Students Essay Competition

  • Award Sum: $500 – $5, 1000 cash award
  • Deadline: February
  • Fee: Not one

In this contest, manage by the Invoice of Privileges Institute, college students must response the question,What are the necessary qualities of a resident in your community in 21st century America? between 500 and 800 words.

Entries are due in February. There is absolutely no entry cost.

One national victor will receive a $5, 1000 cash reward as well as a scholarship to Constitutional Academy. Six runners up are getting $1, 250 each, and eight professional mentions should receive $500 every single.

All Us residents or legal residents between ages of 14 and 19 participating public, exclusive, charter, or perhaps religious schools in the US, ALL OF US territories or perhaps districts, by Armed Forces colleges abroad meet the criteria to enter. Home-schooled students and those enrolled in correspondence or GED programs are eligible.

Theatre Alfred Jarry

In 1926, Artaud founded the Theatre Alfred Jarry with Roger Vitrac and Robert Aron. He produced and directed original works by Vitrac, as well as pieces by Claudel and Strindberg. The theatre advertised that they would produce Artaud’s playJet de sangin their 1926–1927 season, but it was never mounted and was not premiered until 40 years later. The Theatre was extremely short-lived, with its final production in 1928, but was attended by an enormous range of European artists, including André Gide, Arthur Adamov, and Paul Valéry.

Adroit Prizes

  • Award Amount: $200 cash
  • Deadline: Typically April
  • Fee: $12

Sponsored by the Adroit Journal, the Adroit Prizes reward high school students and undergraduate students for producing exemplary fiction and poetry. Students may submit up to six poems or three works of prose (totaling 3,500 words) for consideration.Submissions typically open in spring.

Winners receive $200 and publication in the Adroit Journal. Finalists and runners-up receive a copy of their judge’s latest published work.

The contest is open to secondary and undergraduate students, including international students and those who have graduated early. The Adroit Prizes has a nonrefundable fee of $12, which can be waived.


Glaspell was highly regarded in her time, and was well known as a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Her short stories were regularly printed in the era’s top periodicals, and herNew York Timesobituary states that she was one of the nation’s most widely-read novelists.

In 1940 a new generation of influential Broadway-based critics began publishing derogatory reviews of her plays, having a sizable effect on her long-term standing. Exacerbating the issue was Glaspell’s reluctance to seek publicity and her tendency to downplay her own accomplishments, perhaps a result of her modest Midwestern upbringing. In addition, Glaspell’s idealistic novels of strong and independent female protagonists were less popular in the post-war era, which stressed female domesticity. Her novels fell out of print after her death. Accordingly, in the United States her work was seriously neglected for many years. Internationally, she received some attention by scholars, who were primarily interested in her more experimental work from the Provincetown years.

In the late 1970s feminist critics began to reevaluate Glaspell’s career, and interest in her work has grown steadily ever since. In the early 21st century, Glaspell scholarship is a burgeoning field. Several book-length biographies and analyses of her writing have been published by university presses since the late 20th century. After nearly a century of being out of print, a large portion of her work has been republished.

With major achievements in drama, novel, and short fiction, Glaspell is often cited as a prime example of an overlooked female writer deserving canonization. Perhaps the originator of modern American theater, Glaspell has been called the First Lady of American Drama and the Mother of American Drama.

In 2003 the International Susan Glaspell Society was founded, with the aim of promoting the recognition of Susan Glaspell as a major American dramatist and fiction writer. Her plays are frequently performed by college and university theater departments, but she has become more widely known for her often-anthologized works: the one-act playTrifles, and its short-story adaptation, A Jury of Her Peers. Since the late 20th century, these two pieces have become staples of theatre and Women’s Studies curricula across the United States and the world.

Worldwide Plays Festival Competition

  • Award: Professional production in New York
  • Deadline: February
  • Fee: None

In the Worldwide Plays Festival Competition, students from around the world can submit an eight-minute script for a play set in a part of a neighborhoodspecifically, at a convenience store, outside a character’s front door, or at a place where people convene. Each play must have roles for three actors, should not have a narrator who isn’t also a character, and should not contain set changes.

Entries are due in February.Winners will have their play produced by professionals at an off-Broadway New York theater. Scholarships are also available for winners.

Any student, including US and international, in first through 12th grade may submit work for consideration.

Early life

Antonin Artaud was born in Marseille, France, to Euphrasie Nalpas and Antoine-Roi Artaud. Both his parents were natives of Smyrna (modern-day İzmir), :15 and he was greatly affected by his Greek ancestry. Antoine-Roi Artaud was a shipowner. Euphrasie gave birth to nine children, but four were stillborn and two others died in childhood. Artaud was diagnosed with meningitis at age five, a disease which had no cure at the time. [citation needed] Biographer Dav >After a long have difficulty including a comatose period, a severely vulnerable Antonin made it through. Artaud’s parents arranged a series of sanatorium stays for temperamental child, which were the two prolonged and expensive. [citation needed] This lasted five years, with a break of two months in June and July 1916, when Artaud was conscripted into the French Army. Having been discharged due to addiction to laudanum and mental instability. [quotation needed] During Artaud’s rest cures at the sanatorium, he read Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Baudelaire, and Edgar Allan Poe. [quotation needed] In May 1919, the director with the sanatorium recommended laudanum to get Artaud, precipitating a long term addiction to that and other opiates. This individual suffered a nervous breakdown at age nineteen; this was not the finish of his mental condition.

Step 3 – Write the Body Paragraphs

The entire body paragraphs ought to provide support for the thesis. So why do you think this way, and what evidence do you have to support these beliefs? The paragraphs should certainly flow from a single to the next just like a constant stream of thought. Each paragraph should consider the statement made at the beginning of the section.

Building around the thesisCell phone consumption should be controlled in college or university classrooms, as long as it does not hinder students’ rights, we all will now clarify how colleges can control cell phones in the lecture while conserving student privileges. If our thesis is that cell phones ought not to be controlled in college, we would explain the hazards of without having access to cellular phones.

No matter which part of the argument you choose, you should acknowledge the other position and negate those transactions. As you will discover below, we remark on why some students may well not want mobile phone usage policies. We will also suggest getting around all those concerns. This process provides the best possible support to your thesis since it shows you took every viewpoint into consideration.

Right here is the body for our 500-word essay sample:

The primary disagreement supporting cell phone control in their classroom is the fact that phones can be distracting. Nearly cell phones distract instructors, nevertheless they may also distract students looking to pay attention to the lecture. This is the same effect like a moviegoer looking at his mobile phone in a theatre. Even if the cellphone makes not any noise, the light from the display is enough to catch someone’s attention.

Ar guments against cell phone control commonly focus on protection concerns. Will need to a crisis takes place in the classroom, college students should have their particular phones available to make a phone. If a pupil has a kid, he or she may require a telephone in case of a medical unexpected emergency. If the student is available for job, he or she will need access to a phone. Record of exception-worthy scenarios is definitely endless.

The very best solution is to create cellular phone usage guidelines that allow devices being accessible with no disturbing other students’ educational opportunities. Learners should be allowed to keep their phones inside their bags, pouches, or different belongings given that the phones are on silent in class. Vibrate settings may be permitted in the event the instructor does not believe it will eventually distract him or her, because the noise of the vibration may not be noticeable within a large class room. If a college student needs to solution the phone during an emergency, they might step out of the classroom to do this. This set up would give the students and the instructor peace of mind.

Cell phone restrictions in classrooms must also include specific disciplinary actions for smashing the rules. If a student is definitely caught using the phone in class, he or she ought to be excused for the remainder of the day. Teachers should refrain from physically choosing possession of a student’s cellphone because of liability conflicts. If the phone can be damaged while in the professor’s possession, the school or perhaps the instructor could be held responsible intended for the vehicle repairs. It is safer to ask the student to leave the class room than it is to take the telephone away completely.

Phrase count: Body paragraphs, 349 words. Total essay is actually 419 words.

The Cenci

In 1935 Artaud staged a production of Percy Bysshe Shelley’sThe Cenciat the Thétre des Folies-Wagram in Paris.#@@#@!: 250 The drama includes themes of abuse, incest, violence, murder and betrayal. In Artaud’s stage directions, he defined the opening scene since suggestive of extreme atmospheric disturbance, with wind-blown drapes, waves of all of a sudden amplified sound, and crowds of people of figures engaged in ‘furious orgy’, accompanied by a chorus of cathedral bells, and also the presence of several large mannequins. #@@#@!: 120 In this picture, which is often referred to as the banquet scene, Dullin’s influence upon Artaud is extremely clear, while both the sounds of bells and the seems of amplified footsteps were present, along with the strongly emphasized theme of essential forces. College student Adrian Curtin has asserted for the importance of the ‘sonic aspects of the production, which m >#@@#@!: 251 When Shelley’s variation ofThe Cenciconveyed the motives and suffering of the Cenci’s daughter Beatrice with her father through monologues, Artaud was considerably more concerned with conveying the threatening nature from the Cenci’s presence and the reverberations of their incest relationship nevertheless physical discordance, as if a hidden force-field surrounded them. #@@#@!: 123

Artaud’s strong desire for oriental cinema, specifically Balinese and Chinese language, was in part shared simply by his instructor Dullin, although Dullin, in contrast to Artaud, m >#@@#@!: 351 Artaud’s implementation of Dullin’s physical awareness physical exercises into the stage production were clearly visible inThe Cenci, Jane Goodall writes in the performance

The predominance of action over expression accelerates the development of events. the monologues. will be cut for sudden, jarring transitions. so that a spasmodic effect is made. Extreme changes in rate, pitch, and tone heighten sensory consciousness intensify. the here and now of performance. #@@#@!: 119

The Cenciwas obviously a commercial failure, although it employed innovative appear effectsincluding the first theatrical use of the electronic instrument the Flot Martenotand had a set designed by Balthus.

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