Female Circumcision Reader Response

 Female Circumcision Reader Response Essay

Conn one particular

Jennifer Conn

Professor Michael jordan Hickman

GWRTC 103 –Sect. 61

12-15 April 2013

Reader Response #3

Although Meyerhardt states that the opening account on female circumcision seemed " Amusing”, I personally found this far more troubling. I was incredibly shocked and disgusted although reading this part, as I believe my classmates were as well. The " small opening left intended for urination and menstruation... placed open with a single part of straw which is left presently there during the curing process” (1) forced me to think that is an unbelievably unpleasant, dehumanizing practice. I was incredibly curious about what cultural beliefs supported this kind of practice. When coming to the supposed wellness reasons and seeing just how flawed and inaccurate all of them were, I had been unable to retain an open brain or continue trying to appreciate this practice. The thought of " taking a look at each other peoples genitals to determine who had the smallest opening” (2) struck myself in a huge way. This action that is completed for world, for a husband to be, and for acceptance, seems to take away from the girl. It is as if her body does not really belong to her. I thought it was interesting and important for the writer to include the effect of ethnical relativism for the reader. I know that my own lack of knowledge and understanding of the topic, in addition to the way of life impacts my opinion on the procedure. Over the piece, I used to be unable modify my perception of feminine circumcision while horrid. Although she seemed to go back and forth in the second half the essay, the writer seemed to have bias as well. I could begin to see the vague connection to culture taking over a female's view and treatment of her body. In this way, the procedure appears similar to anoresia or bulimia in America. Actually eating disorders appear far more lethal. However , I feel that the connection was weak and overdramatized in particular when the author mentioned, " in the us, being excess fat and unsightly, for some, is actually a fate a whole lot worse than death”(3). If it was true, and our...

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