Why essay writer is not the most important thing

When crafting a research paper, pay a very close attention to the main purpose of your paper. If you want to get published, it is one goal; and if you want to just get a normal mark, it is a totally another goal. Find clearly what is important for you to set an effective direction of work. If you want to get published, pay your close attention to the following aspects of this process:

  • Topic and purpose of the paper
  • Potential journals for publication
  • Editor’s requirements and recommendations
  • The background of the topic
  • Connections with the previous publications
  • Information sources

To get published, you have to ensure that the chosen topic is 100% relevant, so you need to learn its backgrounds to find out whether or not this topic was already disclosed. If not – you can start your research. If yes –narrow down the chosen topic or find others, as getting a good researchable one is a half of your work. It’s advisable to spend more time on your topic selection than working with a difficult topic. First variant is always more effective.

It is better to use narrow topics for a research paper for two reasons. First reason is that narrow topics are more researchable. Why so? Narrow topic is more likely not disclosed than the vast topic. Try to avoid vast topics – they are pretty dangerous. The other reason why you should use narrow topics is that they require fewer searches. And vice versa, the vast topic will need a lot of information sources. At the same time, research papers have certain limits, so if you will use a vast topic you will need to fit a huge amount of information into a limited space, and this is a hard work even for professional writers.

Usually editors like topics linked with previous publications, so try to find some of them for your topic, you will show your editors the importance of your research paper. Make a list of potential journals for publications. Different journals have different specialization. That means that only a few academic journals will be potentially interested in your paper. Don’t waste your time sending your research paper to journals with totally different specialization. When your list with potential journals for publication will be ready, you can learn all the editor’s requirements. Follow them carefully, because some of the editors do not even start reading the paper with an improper formatting. If there are any questions about the requirements, follow the guidelines of the APA style to make everything look effective.

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