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The environment Around You

This kind of satellite picture shows

Typhoon Bonnie, which in turn

struck New york in 1998.

The storm was nearly 4 hundred miles

vast, with the highest recorded

wind gust at 104 advise. Overall

damages were believed in the

$1. 0 billion dollar selection, and

three deaths had been attributed to

the Category 3 thunderstorm.

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NASA/Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers



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Leslie Leach Snyder

Education Section

Washington, G. C.

Dinah Zike

Globe Science Educator, Consultant

Smith Middle Institution

Upper Arlington, OH

Educational Consultant

Dinah-Might Activities, Incorporation.

San Antonio, TX

Series Consultants




William C. Keel, PhD

Jean A. Senf, PhD

Nerma Coats Henderson

Department of Physics and


School of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, ING

School of Literature,

Connection, and Lifestyle

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

Pickerington Lakeview Jr. Excessive


Pickerington, OH



Teri Willard, EdD

Aileen Duc, PhD

Math Curriculum Writer

Belgrade, MT

Science 8 Teacher

Hendrick Middle University, Plano ISD

Plano, TX

Mary Helen Mariscal-Cholka

Bill D. Slider Middle University

El Pasillo, TX

Scientific research Kit and Boreal


Tonawanda, NY

Series Reviewers

Lois Burdette

Nerma Layers Henderson

Sharon Mitchell

Green Bank Elementary-Middle


Green Bank, WV

Pickerington Lakeview Jr. Large


Pickerington, OH

Bill D. Slider Middle College

El Pasillo, TX

Manifestazione Chackan

Jordan Mansour

Pinus radiata Crest College

Boca Raton, FL

Panel Member

Countrywide Middle Level Science

Teacher's Association

David Page Middle section School

Madison Heights, MI

Pioneer Jr-Sr. High School

Royal Center, IN

Annette D'Urso Garcia

Kearney Middle Institution

Commerce Metropolis, CO

Tag Sailer

Kate Ziegler

Pendant Road Central School

Raleigh, NC






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Why do I need

my own science book?

Have you ever been in class and

not realized all of the thing that was

presented? Or perhaps, you understood

everything in class, but in the home,

got caught up on how to response a

problem? Maybe you only

wondered at the time you were ever before

going to use this stuff?

These types of next couple of pages

are designed to help you

appreciate everything your

science publication can be used

for... besides a paperweight!

Prior to reading


Phase Opener Research is occurring everywhere,

and the opening photo of each chapter is going to preview the

science you're going to be learning about. The Chapter

Survey will give you a concept of what you should be

studying, and you can try the Start Lab to

help get your mind headed in...

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