Dr . Murray Bowen's Family Devices Theory: Living under the Same Emotional Skin area

 Dr . Murray Bowen’s Relatives Systems Theory: Living within the Same Emotional Skin Essay

The theory I select to use is that of Dr . Murray Bowen known as the family systems theory. It is a theory of man behavior that views the family as an mental unit and uses systems thinking to explain the sophisticated interactions in the unit. Is it doesn't nature of your family that its people are extremely connected psychologically. Often people experience distant or disconnected using their families, although this is even more feeling than fact (Bowen, 1978). Family so in a big way affect each others thoughts, feelings, and actions that this often seems as if people are living under the same " mental skin. " People get each others attention, endorsement, and support and react to each others needs, anticipations, and stress. The connectedness and reactivity make the working of family members interdependent. A big change in one individual's functioning is usually predictably then reciprocal modifications in our functioning more. Families change somewhat inside the degree of interdependence, but it is always present to a point

The mental interdependence most probably evolved in promoting the cohesiveness and cooperation families require to protect, shelter, and feed their members. Heightened stress, however , can easily intensify these kinds of processes that promote oneness and team-work, and this can cause problems. Once family members obtain anxious, the anxiety may escalate by simply spreading infectiously among them. Because anxiety increases, the mental connectedness of family members turns into more demanding than comforting. Eventually, one or more members think overwhelmed, separated, or out of control.

These are the people who allow for the most to minimize tension in others. It is just a reciprocal conversation. For example , a person will take too much responsibility for the distress of others in marriage to their impractical expectations of him. The one accommodating the most literally " absorbs" panic and thus is definitely the family member many vulnerable to problems such as depression, alcoholism, affairs, or physical...

Mentioned: Bowen, Murray. 1978. Relatives Therapy in Clinical Practice. Ann Arbor, MI: School of Michigan Press.

The Bowencenter. org/pagestheory. html.

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