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About what ways will do a comparative research accentuate the distinctive situations of Frankenstein and Cutter Runner?

Jane Shelley's medieval novel Frankenstein (1818) and Ridley Scott's neo-noir film Blade Athlete: The Director's Cut (1992) mirror the sociocultural situations of their time. These contextual influences permeate throughout the texts exposing the philosophy and beliefs of their eras. Although made up almost two centuries aside with significant contextual dissimilarities, both text messages share the core values of consideration and feeling in going through the ideas of unbridled aspirations and the human identity featuring insight into ethical and moral concerns. It can be connections such as these that exemplify the unique contexts of each text. [91]

Adopting the title, " The ultra-modern Prometheus”, Shelley parallels both equally Victor plus the creature to Greek mythology thus reviewing how one's unbridled goal leads to an individual's emotional and physical break down. Influenced by 1800's Enlightenment era and experiments with galvanism, Shelley elucidates her fear how the morals of research and progress will lead to a deteriorating moral construction. The excessive modality of Victor's " fervent yearning to enter the secrets of nature” reveals his initial living ambition to attain progress in science. Resonating with areas of galvanism, Victor held contrasting views of animating a constructed cadaver, illustrated through emotive terminology from the " beauty of the dream” to his " breathless horror”. This illustrates the destructive effects of his ambition pertaining to science as he abandons his creature out of fear exemplifying his lack of sympathy and degraded sense of morality. The creature's destructive vengeance brings about his guilt which " preyed after [his] health” leading to his " profound, dark, deathlike solitude”. This kind of gothic symbolism expresses the emotional and physical destruction caused by his irresponsibility and void meaning framework. Consequently, Shelley attracts us to understand...

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