Dombey and Son

 Dombey and Son Article


Equal 8 of the passage via Dombey and Son the words " demanding and pompous” capture the narrator's attitude toward Dombey. The author portrays this demanding and pompous attitude through his make use of sentence structure, diction and strengthen. The passing starts off with one extended sentence, which will set the scene and introduces the characters Dombey and Boy. The next paragraph begins to notify details and starts with two short paragraphs discussing the essential similarities and differences between Dombey fantastic son. As the passage continues the sentences turn into longer as they are discussing a far more complex subject matter, for example just how " On the brow of Dombey, Some his brother Care experienced set a lot of marks” (lines 11-12). There is also a pattern throughout of brief sentences intended for simple ideas and long sentences for further complex concepts. By choosing to elaborate on the greater intricate concepts confirms the author's portrayal of Dombey's pompous frame of mind. The diction in the passage is standard of writers, in which each uses more formal language instead of everyday dialect. In case in point, " countenance” (lline 14) instead of encounter and " appended” (line 28), further more display Dombey's pompousness. Dombey's sternness can be exemplified in how he foretells his partner, instead of asking her what she thinks the child's name must be he tells her, " He will always be christened Paul, … of course” (line 32). The complete tone in the passage is very critical of Dombey. All those things matters to him can be Dombey and Son. He has a extremely pompous frame of mind in thinking that " The entire world was made to get Dombey and Son to trade in” (line 39) and that " Rivers and seas were formed to float their particular ships”. It requires a grave amount of audacity to consider that the entire world was made to serve you and in Dombey's demanding and pompous attitude this individual sees simply no wrong in that.


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