Black Men and Public Space Summary

 Essay on Black Guys and General public Space Synopsis

Chadrick Burks

Mrs. Klinginsmith

English 102

August 35, 2012

Dark Men and Public Space Reading Response

In the brief story, " Black Males and Public Space” that talks about one particular man bank account on how people treat and view him as a criminal. When the reader reads through the story you see that he really isn't a criminal by any means, but an informed black guy who's see the University of Chicago to get his Ph. M. The shocking thing in the storyline revealed this individual didn't also grow up a chaotic person inside the story he even mentioned that " He is scarcely able to take a knife to a raw rooster, let alone a person can range f. ”(3) In the story, mcdougal gives the audience many accounts to which he was a sufferer of stereotyping and racism. Some examples he gave in the story was that he was jogging in the side walk behind a Caucasian women in her late twenties she got a glance by him and started to run. Another account he told was that he was in a jewelry store to pass period before a job interview one of the employees brought a puppy at him which pressured him to leave their grocer. This story is not just regarding the author's being cured in such a unpleasant way, yet how this individual reacted with each situation that he came across. The author was always seemed peaceful and relaxed even if things acquired worse in a few situations. The writer did things such as whistle melodies from Mozart and Vividali, gave space, or even walk pass a place to try to alter people's attitudes. Most people would get angry trying to retaliate when ever things acquire very unheard of for them. In order to get a change in this world a person have to show people approaches to make them imagine the opposite of what been already placed in their minds.

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