Community Concentration 1 remarks

 Community Immersion 1 remarks Essay

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Community Immersion Meeting 1 Notes

We. Introductions (20 MINUTES)

a. Introduce myself

b. Pupil introductions (TAKE ROLL)

b. i. Term

b. 2. Home town

w. iii. What brought you to USC's SSW?

c. Assessment syllabus and CI schedule

II. Areas (10 MINUTES)

a. Summary

a. i actually. We start the SSW program with a study of communities since communities give people formal and casual resources, social support systems, and cultural capital which support these people in their daily life—and specially in times of need (i. e. earthquakes, flooding, finding a job, starting school, childcare within an emergency, and so forth Think Katrina. ) n. Lecture

w. i. Assessment the Glossary of Conditions

b. my spouse and i. 1 . Community

b. we. 2 . Variety

b. my spouse and i. 3. Interpersonal capital

b. i. 4. Social networks

m. i. 5. Neighborhoods

m. i. 6. Neighborhood function in the aiding process

n. ii. Review community four-cell chart

n. ii. 1 . Shared space or geographic community – has restrictions and place names (e. g. Koreatown, Boyle Heights, West Hollywood, Pacoima) b. ii. 2 . Distributed function or perhaps identity community – features common hobbies unrelated to geography (the African-American community, a community of scholars, the USC community, and so forth )

Zero Shared Space

Shared Space

Few Prevalent Interests

#1 Society

#3 Limited Liability (i. elizabeth. suburbs)

Common Interests

#2 Personal Community

#4 Cultural Enclave

m. ii. installment payments on your a. World: few prevalent interests with out shared space; we have handful of things in accordance and know little of each other's experience. We won't be able to really depend on getting our needs achieved. b. ii. 2 . w. Personal community: common passions but zero shared space; personal networks of ethnicity, friendship, daily support and assistance—what all of us usually imply by " personal networks”. The problem is that there's no proximity, so , in times of crisis, all of us can't draw on these people quickly (i. e. organic disaster). w. ii. 2 . c. Limited Liability (suburbs): shared geography but few common passions; identifies the communities that a lot of of us stay in. We no longer share a whole lot with friends and neighbors other than some fundamental mutual help in times of turmoil; generally, existence are executed elsewhere. w. ii. installment payments on your d. Cultural Enclaves: distributed geography and common interest; usually therefore " cultural community” (i. e., in Los Angeles, Koreatown, West Artist for the gay community, Inglewood). Persons live, job, shop, head to school in the same community. Very considerable and intense social networks. May create boundaries for " outsiders”. b. ii. 3. Which of those labels the USC VAC community? Why?

III. Range (15 MINUTES)

a. Any thorough conversation about community should coin a discussion of diversity—why could it be important? What is meant by simply " diversity” in residential areas? b. " The Office” clip - b. i. Exactly why is this funny?  Who is being offensive in it and why?  How does it play on our assumptions about what " diversity" can be? b. 2. This potential clients us towards the bigger question--what does " diversity" imply to you? m. iii. For instance , think about where you live, where you job, where you shop, where you eat--who do you observe? b. iv. Who the truth is on film and television--who plays the lead jobs, etc?  What does this inform us about selection and multiculturalism in general? c. " Sesame Street” cut – c. my spouse and i. What does this kind of teach children about " community" and variety? c. 2. Is it limited in any way?  Who gets left out? Why is this important? c. iii. A communities as diverse since the video represents them?  Why or perhaps you should? c. 4. Should they become?

d. It may look like an clear question, although why is it important for social work professionals to relate well to and work within just diverse residential areas? IV. Neighborhood visit (20 MINUTES)

a. Explanation of " immersion” part of experience:

a. i. Each of you is going to organize a self-guided travel over 2 days, about three to four hours daily, to explore a residential area of your choice. a. ii. The community needs to be just right to perform the...

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