Chris Berens Specialist

 Chris Berens Artist Dissertation

Philip Berens

Simply by Andrea Moratinos

Chris Berens is a Dutch artist given birth to in 1976 in Oss,

Netherlands, nearby the historic community of 's-Hertogenbosch,

the birthplace of Hieronymous Bosch, one factor that would

feature in his imaginative development.


From an early age, he was immersed in the own internal

world, a luminous dominion inhabited simply by enigmatic

characters and menageries of odd, compelling


He analyzed illustration with the Academy of Art and Design

in Den Bosch, graduating in 1999.

While he takes inspiration from the quality of light in the

paintings of Vermeer and Rembrandt, his themes lie

more within the realms of surrealism and visionary art

than traditional painting.






All paintings are 180 grams A4 inkjet paper sheets,

hand painted on with mainly pulling inks. Also used:

bistre and graphite. The newspaper consists of several layers:

an emulsion, a plastic layer and a paper below

layer. The emulsion swells up once in contact with

the inks and will slowly dry up. This process is definitely

repeated with each thin layer of ink that may be added.

The plastic layer has a excellent grid when the dried

up inks and emulsion will certainly set. Ink and emulsion can

become manipulated in the grid.

The painted part of the sheets happen to be covered using a

thin level of several types of coating varnish.

The conventional paper part of the sheet is segregated from and

(partially) cleaned off the plastic-type layer.

The spine of the plastic-type material sheet is definitely painted with white

tattoo. Parts maussade, parts translucent and parts left


Elements of the sheet are selected, slice and mounted

on wooden panel with bookbinder's glue.




(the lost


65” by 58”


Tryst. 2013

52” back button 33”



x 58”

Get a




63” times 63”

Representation. 2010

18” x 18”

The New

One particular. 2009

17” x 20”



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