Child Soldiering

 Child Soldiering Essay

Chase Carrell

Ms. Held

English III

Child Soldiers in Columbia

Many Children today are forced to fight and risk their lives as troops. This newspaper will discuss Columbia's usage of child soldiers, and kid combatants as being a human legal rights issue. This problem is straight violating the laws of Columbia. These types of young combatants participate in every aspect of contemporary rivalry (Bradbury). A lot of children speak of having witnessed or forced to commit atrocities, including rasurado and killing. Human privileges groups need to force the us government to end the use of child military because it endangers children, this. Child soldiering should be put to a stop by government because it is endangering kids, it is depriving them with their childhood, and it is mentally damaging their future despite the objection that it could start a warfare.

In Columbia, like a large number of other countries around the world, kids have become immediate participants in war. They are deprived with their childhood, and sometimes victims of horrible serves of violence. More than 13, 000 of Columbia's youngsters are fighting since combatants in its armed forces (Snyder). " Literally vulnerable and simply intimidated, children typically help to make well-trained soldiers”(Bradbury). This is because kids without families need money to eat and live. Kid soldiering has yet to get stopped in Columbia and many more countries.

Your life of the Children in Columbia is much like the adults they will fight with. In training, they will witness prisoners being tortured and mutilated. " Approximately eighty percent of the children under arms belong to one of the two guerrilla groups, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) or the National Liberation Military (ELN)”(Bradbury). By least among every several irregular combatants in Republic of colombia is underneath eighteen years old (Snyder). Likewise the guns they use are lightweight, therefore they are conveniently armed. A defieicency of child combatants is completely ignored by the Columbian government. Individual rights solutions...

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