Enterprise Reference Planning and Transaction Digesting Systems

 Enterprise Useful resource Planning and Transaction Finalizing Systems Composition

BIS 220 Final Exam

1) Two info systems that support the whole organization really are a. enterprise reference planning systems and dashes

B. deal processing devices and business office automation devices C. enterprise resource planning systems and transaction finalizing systems Deb. expert devices and business office automation devices

Answer: C

2) _______ is the immediate use of information systems by employees inside their work A. Transaction processing systems

W. End-user calculating

C. Decision support devices

D. Managing information systems

Answer: M

3) ______ attempt to identical the work of human authorities by applying reasoning capabilities A. Expert systems

B. Dashboards

C. Business intelligence (bi) systems

M. Decision support systems

Solution: В A

4) _______ issues entail who may obtain data and how very much they should pay for this information A. Privacy

M. Accessibility

C. Property

G. Transferability

Answer: B

5) _____ problems involve collecting, storing, and disseminating information about individuals. A. Privacy

M. Accuracy

C. Property

G. Accessibility

Solution: В A

6) Your company's pcs have been taken over by an attacker and used to assault another company information systems. Your problem is which from the following? A. Poor security policies and procedures

W. Lack of due diligence

C. Downstream liability

G. Poor service-level agreements

Response: C

7) You will be the only person in your office to up grade to MicrosoftВ® Word 2010. Before you share files with coworkers, you should perform which from the following? A. Print out a backup copy of paperwork

B. Run the Suitability Checker

C. Burn most documents to CD

M. Create a doc summary

Response: B

8) Which in the following is detected by the contextual transliteration checker? A. Duplicate words and phrases

B. Irregular capitalization

C. Use of their very own when you will need to use presently there

D. Improper use of interruption and other punctuation

Answer: C...

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