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The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU was created to set up an environment of trust among buyers & sellers. This kind of trust is done through the BBB's " requirements of trust”. Companies that abide by these types of standards subsequently receive certification. As a designed for profit, the BBB relies upon funds by sponsors and members. Up until recent, the BBB seemed to have provided special rewards to those that paid out a fee to be members. These kinds of accusations possess caused the BBB to cope with their current system and make becomes ensure fairness amoung associates and nonmembers.

1)Who is the BBB's most important stakeholder, business or consumers? -> The most important stakeholder for the BBB is the consumer. Yes, businesses give you the resources for the BBB, nevertheless they only do this to create a great image because of their brand inside the eyes of shoppers. If the consumers did not love the evaluations of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU then businesses would not invest.

2)Do you think the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU can genuinely be unbiased given its financial reliance on business? -> No the BBB cannot be impartial. There needs to be a reason for businesses to invest in the BBB. If the treatment of non-members were really the same as associates, then the company will give companies little explanation to invest.

3)What activities can you decide on make sure the " pay for play” scheme did not happen once again? -> The main issue with the " pay money for play” system was the reality those who marketed first year memberships received a 45 percent commission. This type of reward method is very similar to the AIG program that triggered problems into their company. -> The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU should implement a new reward system. Perhaps a system that gives rewards depending on the pitching of subscriptions to potential business. Employees should be compensated regardless of if the sale experiences or not.

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