Acid Rainwater Webquest 1

 Acid Rain Webquest one particular Essay

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Name: ________Jacob Rough_________________________ В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В Date: _____3/25/13________ В

Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are gas released by the burning of fossil fuels. These gases may react with water and oxygen to form acids. Normally, rainwater is slightly acid. But the additional acid that enters the environment when powers are burned makes it even more acidic. Acidity rain may have a harmful impact on fish and other wildlife and upsets the delicate balance of a forest or aquatic ecosystem. The good thing is that it works the other approach, too. Lowering car and factory exhausts can decrease acid rainfall and help creatures. In this activity, you'll find away more by what acid rain is, in which the problem is most severe, and what YOU can do to help. 1 . First, discussing take a look at which usually parts of the country are experiencing the biggest acid rain problem. View a color-coded pH map of the United States. The more dark orange colours represent the lowest pH in rain. Which usually states have the worst acid solution rain problem? What is the pH of the rain inside our state/area? the states while using most acid rain can be on the far eastern side with the map, just like new York.

2 . Next, go to the EPA's Precisely what is Acid Rainfall? page. What is the difference among wet deposition and dry deposition, damp deposition is usually acidic rain snow or perhaps fog when it is wet it can strengthen the acidicness with the rain. Dried is in the form of dust or smoke the dry therefore it sticks to things and can be washed away.

3. Just how can the compounds that trigger acid rainwater spread from their source? Throughout the wind this pushes compounds to exactly where they land.

4. The two main smells that cause acid rainwater are _______sulfer dioxide________________ and ________nitro oxcide_________________. 5. What percentage of every of the two gases you listed in Question 4 originates from electric power era that relies upon the burning of non-renewable fuels like coal? 2 thirds of sulfer dioxide and one third nitro oxcide


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