A Detailed Insight into the Life and Works of Harry Triandis

 A Detailed Regarding the Life and Works of Harry Triandis Essay


Harry C. Triandis, PhD

Professor Senior, Department of



University of Illinois by Urbana-Champaign


ID NUMMBER: 11004027


Harry Triandis was a physiologist in the department in the university of Illinois by urban-Champaign. His studies macho focused on the cognitive factors norms, ideals across the culture and jobs. His literature made ground-breaking moments in to the society, ebooks like Lying to Ourselves, Self Deception in Politics, Religious beliefs and Terrorism, which posted in 2009, and also received a William David award from the American Internal Association. Book defines just how self deceptiveness affects everyday routine around the world across the world, getting in politics in contemporary society wherever you are, and in addition published well know literature in earlier years including " Perceptions of Attitude change” four decades ago, which was classical badge, which included experimental work done in Asia, India and Greece, Sociable Behavior in 1977, " Variation in black and light perception with the social environment " (1976), Culture and social Behavior”(1994) and " Individualism and collectivism” in 1995. He was general editor of sixvolume handbook of " Cross-cultural Psychology”, and co-editor from the handbook of " Industrial and Organizational psychology”, amount 4 (1994).

Triandis was also president of many scientific societies, which include the International Connection of Cross- Culture Mindset in 1976, the Inter American society of Psychology in (1987-89), the intercontinental Association of Applied Mindset in (1990-94) and in partitions of 8 in 1977 and being unfaithful in 1976 of the American Psychological Affiliation.

Triandis delivered in Greece in 1926 and in his 20's he moved to Canada to follow education in engineering at McGill School in 1951and in 1954 he finished Master's level in commerce at Barcelone University. Along with that he received PhD in 1958from Cornell School in Ithaca, New york. In1987 he privileged by doctorate at Athens University, Greece. In this dissertation, I am going to specific on several theories of Professor Harry Triandis. Theory of Interpersonal behavior (1997): Harry Triandis propose the integrated model of interpersonal tendencies which was appreciates by Stern (2000) environmental behavior include four elements

1 . Perceptions

2 . Contextual factors

3. Personal capabilities and

5. Habits

Triandis recognized both equally social elements and actions forming by intentions enjoy key part. Also featured present behavior from past. On this Triandis propose the theory of Social behavior.



Theory of Individualism and collectivism (1995): The camp of Individualism and collectivism can be found in the situational conditions, history, in society, population analysis, and tradition diffusion. Associated with this theory include feelings, self-definition, inspiration, engagement, meaning values and differences in attention.

Triandis distinguish between Individualism and collectivism with three significant differences the way people perceive oneself, duties and desired goals. As per the exploration world's two third of population born in group culture. Most of the countries just like Middle East, Africa and Asia stand for collective perceptive depends on, just how individuals represent themselves. In accordance to Triandis Japanese may easily identify outsider's background and cable connections against their particular attitude and beliefs. Countries like Switzerland, Germany and Australia depict Individualistic way.

According to Author applying this theory can show improvement in conflict, intercontinental relation, combination cultural training and wellness.

Individualism and collectivism become one of the major reviews in the contemporary society between combination cultural internal activities and other comparative self-control. Western traditional focuses on primacy of individuals while non-western Asian focuses on characteristics of interpersonal obligations.




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